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If your friends don't have a car on campus, they will be envious of yours, and that you have the freedom to leave campus whenever you want. Photo by Lauren Trumbull.

How to Commute Without Really Commuting

By Lauren Trumbull Features Editor With all of your friends living on campus, it can be hard to be a commuter. You have a constant feeling of missing out while attempting to balance your school life and your home life. As a commuter myself, I understand the struggles you are going through, and I … Read More

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“Suicide Squad” Just Misses the Mark

By Allison McCausland Staff Writer In the age of superhero films, Warner Bros. Pictures and the DC Cinematic Universe adds its third installment this summer in its efforts to compete with its counterpart, Marvel Studios. Though this time around, DC changes the usual elements expected of these … Read More

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Photos courtesy of DeSales Athletics. Graphic created by Hutton Jackson.

All-Semester Athletic Team: Spring 2016

By Will Edwards Sports Editor This article was originally published in Issue 14, Fiftieth Year of The Minstrel (April 28, 2016). Click here to view the entire issue.  As DeSales’ spring sports teams finish up their seasons, our editorial staff has looked back at some of the driving … Read More

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From the Editor’s Desk: Adam’s Farewell

The first encounter I ever had with The Minstrel was when I picked up an issue while visiting DeSales as a high school senior. One of the headlines on the front page, above the fold, merely read “Allergy Season.” “I often have a class or two each day where I probably sneeze around every 10-15 … Read More

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