Under the Lights 2012 DeSales vs. Moravian

By Colby Pacillo

A beautiful warm, clear night was what was in the forecast on Tuesday, April 17 as the annual “Under the Lights” game between DeSales and Moravian took place. The two schools play this game every year at the local Limeport Stadium. It is an older wooden stadium with seats that reach around home plate to just about the start of each dugout. It is a great stadium for fans to sit and get close to the action as they cheer their teams on.

The stadium is enclosed overhead so fans can stay safe from foul balls and dry from possible rain that might move in during the game. It is a fascinating field that contains an outfield that goes uphill. Center field gradually gets higher and higher as you make it further and further out. It is a sight that usually leaves visitors to the stadium feeling a little puzzled.

It is supposedly like this because there is a huge boulder underneath the ground in the outfield that was too large to remove when the field was constructed. Instead of ripping up the entire piece of land where Limeport stadium stands today, the builders decided to keep it the way it was and now it has become a well known field, mostly for its odd outfield.

“Under the Lights” is a fun night where fans look forward to coming out to the stadium for a little fun on a beautiful night in April. There are raffles between innings for prizes such as a free dinner for two and either a free DeSales t-shirt or a free Moravian t-shirt. Also in between innings, kids get to participate in spinning around in circles on a bat and then race to the finish line. Lastly, there is the mascot race around the bases between the Moravian Greyhounds mascot, the DeSales Bulldog mascot and even the IronPigs mascot is in attendance and participating in the race.

Admission for the game is $5. Every year DeSales students who are part of Dr. Brett’s Facility Planning and Event Management class are in charge of running this event as part of their grade for the class. The admission tickets are to help pay for the cause that the event is going towards and that happens to be the Allentown Drive founded by Lee Butz whom the DeSales baseball field is named after. Butz made an appearance at the game and was the lucky thrower of the first pitch of the game.

The DeSales students hosting the event were in charge of admission, raffling, events that took place on the field, as well as picture taking during the game. They got to wear bright yellow shirts that said “event staff” on the back and “Under the Lights” on the front making them stand out as the ones in charge of the event. The students succeeded in their event and everything ran smoothly. It was a night of fun and excitement for fans in attendance.

As for the game itself, DeSales ended up falling to Moravian with a score of 11-1 making the Bulldogs record drop to 21-11.

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