DeSales’ Alumni Reports on Sandy’s Progress

As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall with the U.S. coast stay tuned to DeSales Alumni Eric Rossi's YouTube channel where he reports on Sandy's progress from Maple Shade, New Jersey. According to, wind gusts upward of 80mph have been reported in multiple coastal states including Massachusetts, New Jersey and coastal Maryland. Wind-related damage has been reported in the … [Read more...]

A Student’s Guide to Weathering Hurricane Sandy

By Ross Huber Let's face it. Unless you spend your holiday breaks taking crash courses in Bear Grylls' school of hard knocks, chances are you are under-prepared for Hurricane Sandy. With hurricane necessities lists popping up all over the web, let's focus on the items that are truly important to students during a time of crisis. 1. Message Status in a bottle- Since … [Read more...]

The Stresses of Picking Classes

By John Higgins Well, it’s that time of year yet again. It’s the time of year where you need to start thinking about the not-so-distant future. That’s right. The class selection process is upon us. Students are already in full swing with finding the classes they need, meeting with their advisors and finding a working order for their schedules. Ann Koefer, an academic … [Read more...]

Debates: Staying focused on the issues

by Dan Beck The presidential debates are over and thank goodness! We are now in the last stretch of the election cycle, culminating with November 6’s election. We can now stop overanalyzing the trite matters and focus on the real issues. Pundits and experts from Fox News to CNN scrutinize every last detail of the debate the next day, pointing out every possible flaw each … [Read more...]