The True Hero of Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

By Peter Blair
Contributing Writer

As my previous article alluded, Jon Snow may have a major part to play in the future of this series. Of all characters and heroes who have been raised and felled in this show, I say that Jon Snow is the ultimate hero of Westeros. What? you may ask. How is that possible?

Jon Snow is too important to not be the hero. There were hints scattered throughout the show as to his lineage. There is a credible theory that Jon Snow is not Eddard Stark’s bastard son, but is actually the son of Eddard’s deceased sister, Lyanna, and Rhaegar, the eldest son of the Targaryens. Yes, it’s a real bombshell. There are plenty of hints scattered throughout the books and TV series that hint to Rhaegar not actually abducting Lyanna, but actually being lovers. There is a video posted by The Film Theorists on YouTube that explains this theory better. As you read, know that Jon could very well be the one true heir to the Iron Throne. But he’s dead! The final scene of this season’s finale showed him getting betrayed by the Night’s Watch! Yes, he’s dead. But he is not out of the show. We must look back at previous seasons.

Everything that has transpired in the series thus far was foreshadowed. Stannis has said on occasion that he would sacrifice anything to claim the Iron Throne, and we saw him sacrifice his daughter. We can hunt for hints to Jon’s future as early as we like, but I believe the most solid hints start in season three with “Brotherhood Without Banners.”

The Brotherhood was first alluded to in season two, when a torturer known as the Tickler asked, “Where is the Brotherhood?” Arya meets the Brotherhood in season three. They drop out of existence by the end of the season to never be heard from again. Two stand-out characters in the brotherhood were Beric Dondarrion – who wields a flaming sword – and Thoros of Myr – who has brought Beric back from the dead on six accounted occasions. That’s right, revival from the dead, and not in a zombie form, is a power that exists in this show. We have seen Beric revived after he was cut in half by the Hound in a trial by combat. With Jon Snow’s importance, he may very well be revived.

You might say, Just because the power exists doesn’t mean it will extend to him. Guess what? Jon Snow has already been chosen.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Brotherhood was formed when they decided that the lordly families of Westeros had no interest in the welfare of the common folk, and so they took the role of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Yet, they surrendered a boy to the witch Melisandre, who served as Stannis Baratheon’s spiritual leader. Despite their semi-Marxist philosophy, they still aided a servant of the order they despise. They attribute their resurrection power to the Lord of Light, whom Melisandre also ascribes to. Perhaps there was a religious obligation over earthly philosophy. I believe they are aiding Melisandre in her long ploy. Why else would she be Stannis’s right-hand woman?

I always found Stannis’s plotline confusing. Everything he did up to his demise was driven by an obligation to destiny. Melisandre encouraged him by telling him that he was a messiah. Why him? He was the brother of a usurper who died in a set-up hunting accident. Stannis’s own end was anticlimactic. And before Stannis died, he was abandoned by Melisandre. It hardly seemed like a messianic story arc. Things get more confusing because the power of the Lord of Light is real. Beric was revived on multiple occasions. Melisandre gave birth to a big, black, horrible shadow that killed Renly Baratheon. The sacrifice of Shireen Baratheon granted him favorable weather. So why was it all wasted on him? Why did Melisandre encourage Stannis only to abandon him to Castle Black? She was merely clearing house for the one true heir to the Targaryen legacy.

The Targaryens had a mythical aura to them. Dragons served them. As the dynasty fell, dragons died out. When Daenerys walked into a fire, she was unharmed and her dragons were born. Season two opened with a comet, which was a sign of dragons. The Targaryens have a connection to some form of higher power, a power of fire like that of the Lord of Light. Perhaps that is the ultimate power in this world. Perhaps it is trying to restore an order of divine right that was overthrown by Robert Baratheon’s rebellion.

Here is my theory as to the future of Jon Snow. After wiping out the Baratheons’ false claims to the throne, Melisandre will return to Castle Black just before Jon is betrayed. She will then resurrect Jon Snow. Since he is dead, he will be absolved of his Oath to the Night’s Watch. He will meet Brotherhood Without Banners, who will fight for him because he is the chosen one. He has already brought the Wildlings south of the Wall, so now he will unite the entire continent against the White Walkers and their horde of ice zombies.

The Lannisters and their entourage will be wiped out at this point because they have brought an ice zombie to king’s landing. The new Kingsguard is blue like the ice zombies. Maester Qyburn has revived Gregor Clegane with the same magic that the White Walkers use. Whatever happens, they are all dead.

Daenerys will attempt to usurp Jon because she is on a power trip. He will be saved by Bran Stark who uses his warg powers to possess one of her dragons. Thus Jon Snow, the True King of the Andals, and True Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, will sit on the Iron Throne.

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