Career Development Center Receives New Renovations

By Lauren Trumbull

Layout Editor

Out with the old and in with the new! This summer has brought about many changes on campus, one being a complete remodel of the Career Development Center (CDC).

“The remodel of the Career Development Center has created a new modern workplace that is bright and promotes more energy,” said Kristen Eicholtz.

Photo courtesy of Career Development
The old  Career Development Center as students remember it from last Spring. Photo courtesy of Career Development.

Upon walking into the Career Development Center, students are given a view of four glass offices. The first office houses Kristen Eicholtz, the Director of Career Development, followed by Melanie Vallone, the Assistant Director of Career Development. The third office is a place where students can go to prepare for interviews and or hold interviews with employers either face-to-face, on Skype or over the phone. Finally, the fourth office is home to the career ambassadors.

One of the great improvements to the CDC comes with the way students log their visits. Upon arrival, students can swipe their ID card and notes can be made digitally about each appointment. This allows for the CDC to track students meetings and the different majors that stop by the office.

The new Career Development Center. Photo by Lauren Trumbull.
The new Career Development Center. Photo by Lauren Trumbull.

In the past year alone, the CDC has seen a 531-student context increase. It is Kristen’s hope that the remodel will continue to increase the amount of students stopping by, but will also bring a greater number of employers into the office.

“I think the Career Development Center has a stigma of the real world, so we wanted to make an environment that’s open and will show people that they are welcome” Kristen commented.

Each year, the CDC plans an open house tailgate party. These are casually themed events for students and employers to come and mingle while also having a great time. This year the tailgate will be held on September 2 and long sleeve shirts will be handed out to the students in attendance. This year’s theme will soon be announced via the DeSales University Career Development Center Facebook page, stay tuned for more details!

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