Students Urged to Conserve Water After Main Break

  Students are being urged to conserve water until 8 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30 because of a water main break early this morning on Station Avenue between Wills Hall and Buckley House. Water is still safe to drink, Director of Emergency Services Dennis Rasley says. Administrators were made aware of the break when an electronic monitoring system alerted the … [Read more...]

Installation of 50th Anniversary Statue Delayed

The base of the statue

Update: Jesus the Teacher statue to be installed 'sometime before spring commencement' The dedication of a 25-foot statue of Christ to commemorate DeSales University’s 50th anniversary will be delayed until Nov. 12, according to multiple university officials. The sculpture, which will bear the name “Jesus the Teacher,” had originally been scheduled to be unveiled during … [Read more...]

A Taste of Musikfest’s Deep-Fried Treats

By Lauren Trumbull Layout Editor It’s August, and for people living in the Lehigh Valley, August means Musikfest. Musikfest is Pennsylvania’s very own Coachella (minus an audience full of celebrities and elaborate flower crowns on every head) which this year ran from August 6 to August 16. Local and famous bands and artists come to perform live shows throughout the day and … [Read more...]

Recent Anti-Smoking Campaigns Lack Connection to Reality

By Jaci Wendel In 2000, approximately 23 percent of teens in the U.S. smoked cigarettes. Today, that same rate has plummeted to only 8 percent. Partial credit for the decreased rates goes to anti-smoking campaigns that effectively show the consequences of smoking without being preachy or unrealistic. But for every good ad campaign, there’s at least one that makes itself look … [Read more...]

Turf Fields Ready for 2015-16 School Year

By Lauren Trumbull Layout Editor As summer is too quickly coming to a close, students old and new are beginning to scramble up dorm belongings and fill backpacks with sharpened pencils and unopened notebooks. In just two short weeks, students will be stuffing their cars and making the familiar drive back up Preston Lane to reach our quaint and beautiful campus. However, … [Read more...]