Turf Fields Ready for 2015-16 School Year

By Lauren Trumbull
Layout Editor

As summer is too quickly coming to a close, students old and new are beginning to scramble up dorm belongings and fill backpacks with sharpened pencils and unopened notebooks. In just two short weeks, students will be stuffing their cars and making the familiar drive back up Preston Lane to reach our quaint and beautiful campus. However, returning students will be met with a new sight upon arrival.

StartingDSU Turf at the end of May, the copious amount of grass surrounding Billera Hall began transforming into a turf field. Over the past few months, construction workers have built “Field 1” and “Field 2.” The estimated finish date for Field 1 is August 15; for Field 2, it is September 15. The first field is slightly ahead of schedule and should be done within a matter of days.

This construction job has been running smoothly DSU Turf 2and everything is being finished according to schedule. With lines drawn for their games, the lacrosse and field hockey teams will begin to enjoy the luxury of a brand new field.

Men’s lacrosse coach Matt Brancaccio plans to have his team use the field as much as possible, for both practices and games on the turf.

All photos courtesy of DeSales University
All photos courtesy of DeSales University

“We’re super excited to update the facilities,” Brancaccio said.

As for the construction inside of Billera, work will begin after the turf fields are completed and this project will span over the next two years.

View more photos in this photo album on the “DeSales Bulldogs” Facebook page.

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