DSU Launches Local Commercial

By Lauren Trumbull
Layout Editor

This article was originally published in Issue 4, Fiftieth Year of The Minstrel (October 22, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue.

The 50th anniversary celebration continues, only this time, with a commercial. An ad agency in Bethlehem, swb&r, traveled to campus with commercial photographer John Sterling Ruth to film a 30-second TV commercial that first appeared during Monday Night Football on ESPN on Sept. 28. The commercial will run until January.

Students can see the ad during Monday Night Football and CBS’s Thursday Night Football, as well as college football games throughout the week. It is broadcasted to Lehigh, Carbon, Monroe, Berks and Northampton County. This covers the biggest geographic of DeSales students. Diane Krause, director of marketing, said that broadcasting to counties closer to Philadelphia is costly, and consequently did not fit with the budget of the production.

Krause said this geographic “hits 91.7 percent households in the targeted counties” and has a “household impression totaling more than one million.”

The commercial process started three months ago, when the team put thought into the script, where to place the commercial in the media and the creation of the storyboard. Krause said the team used a storyboard to craft a purpose, which was to cover all of DeSales, including undergraduate, graduate and ACCESS students; athletics; Christian humanism; and the numerous majors and departments on campus. When everything was decided, Ruth came to film for three days.

Krause said they received a list of potential students to be on camera from student life and admissions. From there, an announcement on the DSU Daily was made.

screen shot commercial
Screenshot of the commercial courtesy of the DeSales University YouTube channel.

The team asked many classes to be a part of the commercial. The idea behind this was to give a natural effect through people that know each other. One of the courses asked to participate was Prof. Kristin Greenberg’s Fundamentals of Public Relations. At 8 a.m., students were asked to go to the Gambet Center to film the clip in which students walk along the pathway outside of the building.

Erin Grube, a junior communication major and student in Greenberg’s class, said, “[Filming] was different than I was expecting. I didn’t think we would be standing around so much and doing so many different takes for such a short commercial. But then, it was interesting to see it all come together for the few seconds [the commercial] showed the students walking from Gambet.”

Along with the commercial, a series of billboards will be placed around the Lehigh Valley. Starting in August, billboard one of the three-part series was posted on Route 22. The other billboards were placed on I-78 west of 22, and on Route 309, south of Short Road, on Oct. 26. The three billboard designs will celebrate the anniversary.

Finally, the marketing department updated a DeSales bus wrap to celebrate the university’s anniversary. The bus runs from New York City into the Lehigh Valley.

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