Semi-formal Reinvented as the DSU Philly Party

By Chris Shaddock
Staff Writer

This article was originally published in Issue 5, Fiftieth Year of The Minstrel (November 5, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue.

Everyone loves a good party. It is a time when people can unwind from all their stress and have fun with their friends. When it comes to parties, DeSales University students love them as much as anyone else. On Saturday, Nov. 21, DeSales will be having its first-ever DSU Philly Party at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, N.J. Tickets are on sale at the DUC for $25 for a single ticket and $110 for a group ticket, for groups consisting of five people. Tickets will be on sale until Nov. 13.

The Philly Party is being billed as the new version of the semi-formal.

“Semi-formal sort of meant that you had to find a date. That was the kind of feedback we had gotten from students,” said Director of Student Engagement Nick Luchko. “It’s just one of those things where some students just wouldn’t go because they felt like it was a date dance.”

According to Luchko, Semi-Formal was always meant to be an event in which everyone could have a good time dancing with their friends. To fix this train of thought, the semi-formal was reinvented as the DSU Philly Party.

“We felt like this was the best year to kind of rebrand it, and make it the DSU Philly Party,” said Luchko.

There is not much difference between the DSU Philly Party and Semi- Formal. The attire will still be semi-formal. Adventure Aquarium previously hosted the Semi-Formal in February 2013. According to Ailish Simonson, president of the sophomore class, the point of the discounted group tickets is to encourage people to go with a group of friends rather than going alone.

Adventure Aquarium wll once again be the venue for the DSU Philly Party. Photo courtesy of
Adventure Aquarium wll once again be the venue for the DSU Philly Party. Photo courtesy of

The Philly Party will have several features to partake in, including music, dancing, a deejay, a photo booth for picture taking and a dinner with a variety of foods. The Philly Party will be taking advantage of the aquarium location as well.

“Once you get in there you are dancing under a huge rotunda of circling fish,” said Simonson in regards to the main room.

At the party, people will be able to access certain areas in the aquarium where they will be able to see several sea creatures such as sting rays, sharks, sea turtles, sea horses and other fish. Finally, students can visit a fish tank where people can pet sharks and sting rays.

SGA started preparing for the DSU Philly Party in July, and have been putting a lot of effort into it. Currently, they are still working on the finishes touches of the party in order to make it extra special.

“I just want other people to come and understand how hard we worked to make this happen,” said Delaney Burke, the vice president of the sophomore class. “It is going to be fun, and you are only going to find out it is fun if you put yourself out there and come.”

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