TV/Film Students Show Talent on Rising Artist Demetrius’ Music Video

By Kellie Dietrich
Features Editor

This article was originally published in Issue 5, Fiftieth Year of The Minstrel (November 5, 2015). Click here to view the entire issue.

The valuable relationship between DeSales’ TV/film department and pop-rap artist Demetrius all started with a phone call. Demetrius’ personal manager Dale Schneck called Chuck Gloman, chair of the TV/film Department, after hearing great things about the department from 2006 alumnus Chris Fried. Schneck asked if Gloman’s department would see if DeSales would be interested in producing Demetrius’ music video for his first single, “Love Hurts.”

The music video can be found on DemetriusVEVO and has had over 400,000 views since it was uploaded on Oct. 7. The song can also be found on iTunes and Google Play, and features Jax Berlin as the female vocals. Demetrius’ lyrics focus on struggles that men and women face in relationships.

“I would like each music video to be a miniature movie with a strong storyline,” said Demetrius in a press release.

Gloman helped Demetrius’ story for “Love Hurts” come to life by acting as director of photography on the video. “I love shooting,” said Gloman, who shot and edited. “I love taking a story and putting it on video.”

Shooting took place over two full 10-hour days and scenes were shot locally in the Lehigh Valley, including the bar scene that took place at Beer Mussels Bar & Grille in Hellertown. After shooting, the editing took about 50 hours, but it is expected for the editing ‘magic’ to take longer than shooting.

Since production took place over the summer, Gloman found local DeSales students that would be interested in working on the project to assist with sound work and grip, which involves setting up light equipment. One of the students that ended up helping was freshman TV/film major Anthony Antonelli.

DeSales students and alumni, along with Professor Chuck Glo- man (third from left), seen with rapper Demetrius (second from left). Photo courtesy of Dale Schneck.
DeSales students and alumni, along with Professor Chuck Glo- man (third from left), seen with rapper Demetrius (second from left). Photo courtesy of Dale Schneck.

“My role in the production was being an extra hand on the set as well as being an extra in the film since a couple of the actors didn’t show up,” said Antonelli.

Behind the scenes he set up equipment and covered windows with blankets and cardboard so that unwanted sunlight wouldn’t ruin the shot. He was also able to learn a lot about the equipment on set and how to use lighting.

“It was a great learning experience for everybody,” said Gloman. “We never worked together as a crew before and that’s always difficult when you [haven’t worked] with people before and you spend literally 10 hours a day with them.”

The crew consisted of mostly freshmen that Gloman had not worked with before; however, he also got to work with 2015 alumnus Matt Longua, whom he had been working with for over the past four years. Longua was a great addition to the crew and showed a lot of talent in his position as the assistant director for “Love Hurts.” Additionally, Gloman was impressed with senior TV/film major Nick Lallo’s work on set, which involved being in charge of coordinating and making sure everything was functioning properly.

The crew turned out to be amazing and so did working with Demetrius, who Gloman describes as being “incredible, young” and “so full of talent.” Demetrius plans on starting the production of his second music video soon and DeSales TV/film students will most likely be producing that video as well; however, right now they are enjoying the final result of “Love Hurts.”

“The most exciting thing is we have a phenomenal end product,” said Gloman. “And I couldn’t be more proud.”

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