From the Editor’s Desk: Resolving to Show Resolve

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I believe if we see the need to improve on something in our lives, we can start any time of year. There’s one thing, though, time-specific to 2016 that I need to work on: I need to start caring less about The Minstrel. May’s commencement approaches faster than anyone cares to admit, and my loved ones gently remind me that I’ll have … [Read more...]

Download and Read the First Issue of 2016 Featuring Coverage of Heritage Week, Basketball Mid-season Updates and More

Download 2016's first issue of The Minstrel (February 4, 2016)! This issue features coverage of the 11th Annual Heritage Week, a profile on the late Rev. Schubert, Super Bowl 50 predictions, and an update on the men's and women's basketball teams' seasons. 50-8 Final Articles Featured: "11th Annual Heritage Week Overcomes Snowy Start" by Kimmie Semiday "Student … [Read more...]

Theater Student Recalls Schubert’s Love of Beauty

By Catherine Nadeau Special to The Minstrel “Can I use your phone there? I have to call the police... on you. Haha! I’m just kidding! They’re my ride.” This was basically my first interaction with Rev. Jerry Schubert, the founder of the DeSales Theatre Department and the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. At the time, I was a freshman, and it was one of my first days … [Read more...]