SGA Election Coverage: Blaisse Voted Executive President; Board Positions Filled; Senatorial Race Ends Today

By William Edwards
Sports Editor

John Blaisse, the current executive vice president of student life, has been elected the 2016-17 Student Government Association (SGA) Executive President, claiming victory over classmate Lyndsay Dotzman in a March 22 vote. Blaisse will succeed senior Savanna Risser.

Photo by Hutton Jackson.
Photo by Hutton Jackson.

Blaisse’s campaign platform focused on plans to replace the annual semi-formal dance—an event aimed mainly at freshmen and sophomore students—with a longer multi-day event. He said low attendance was the primary reason for the dance’s discontinuation, and that the funds allocated for it could be more wisely spent. Planning will begin late this semester for the new event this fall, he said.

“Next year we’re not [having semi-formal] because we’re looking to have an event on campus that could span multiple days rather than just one particular evening,” Blaisse said. “We want something that’s really going to shake things up, something that’s going to have the same vigor that homecoming week does.”

Blaisse also ran on promises to lobby for increased parking options for on-campus students after class hours. He said the current policies in place that ban students from parking in the DUC and Dooling Hall lots are unreasonable, and he thinks their reform will lead to a decrease in tickets issued to students.

“[The DUC and Dooling] lots are just empty anyway,” he said. “So why can’t students park there when they want to go to the DUC when it’s 20 degrees out and snowing? What’s really the issue?”

A junior psychology major, Blaisse will lead the SGA in its transition to a restructured format, which will give more power to Senate positions and see the dissolution of the class vice president and executive vice president of student life postions.

Joining Blaisse on the executive board will be:
Kristyna Sabato, Executive Vice President of Student Resources
Randy Czankner, Executive Vice President of Campus Resources
Chris Costanzo, Executive Vice President of Treasury
Evelyn Galarza, Executive Vice President of SGA Events
Ailish Simonson, Executive Vice President of Communications
Frances Fasanello, Executive Vice President of Mission
Francesca D’ Annibale, Parliamentarian

Class board elections were also held, with votes for presidents and treasurers coming in on March 23 and 24, respectively. Those voted into office are:
Mikel Cammisa, Senior Class President
Lyndsay Dotzman, Senior Class Treasurer
Alina Chaves, Junior Class President
Ellen Joseph, Junior Class Treasurer
Artell Flonnory, Sophomore Class President
Nicole Venusto, Sophomore Class Treasurer

Voting for senatorial positions will take place this Tuesday, March 29.

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