Channel 69 Anchor Tannery Advises on Professional Social Media

By Tim Hofmeister
Contributing Writer

On Monday, April 4 in the Commonwealth Room of the DUC, DeSales students, alumni and faculty attended a presentation by Eve Tannery, the Channel 69 Sunrise News anchor and producer. Tannery talked about how to power your social media presence.

Tannery explained how social media has changed news coverage and her show, including hiring a social media coordinator in the past five years, as well as incorporating segments like “Ask the Anchors” and using tweets and Facebook posts from viewers on their show.

“The way people get their news has changed, instead of waiting for the news, people want it now,” Tannery said. “I tweet and post Facebook pictures, [and share] details as they come in.”


Tannery also talked about how to keep your social media professional but also personal. She mentioned that even if your accounts are private, you have to watch out for being tagged in pictures or tweets you are mentioned in.

“When researching for today’s talk, I found that 92 percent of companies are using social media to check out possible employees,” Tannery said. “Social media is a free background check for companies.”

Eve Tannery (center) with the attendees of Tannery's talk. Photo by Tim Hofmeister
Eve Tannery (center) with the attendees of Tannery’s talk, “Powering Your Social Media Presence.” Photo by Tim Hofmeister

Tannery shared some helpful tips in terms of social media. They included maintaining separate accounts for work and fun, and that it is better to have fewer accounts that are updated consistently and professional.

She also shared do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media. They included the fact everything that you put on online stays out there; that social media is your first impression; that you should not overpost but show you’re still active; and that you should make interactive posts. Tannery also suggested making a website, blog or podcast showing your passion and skill in your field.

Tannery was brought in by the DeSales University Career Development Center, who hosted a dinner and allowed time for students to network with other students, faculty, alumni and even Tannery herself.

Paul Vizza, who was the head of marketing strategy for the event, said, “The Career Development Center chose [Tannery] because we had her [come] last year to do ‘The Art of Small Talk’ and she was nice enough to come again. Eve suggested social media [as a topic] because she knows its importance in modern networking.”

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