Student Band YelloCake Releases Alternative Rock EP

By Gabrielle Parisi
Staff Writer

This article was originally published in Issue 13, Fiftieth Year of The Minstrel (April 14, 2016). Click here to view the entire issue.

What do you get when you combine an accounting and international business major, a communication major and a digital art major? The band YelloCake, previously known as Potentially Kinetic, who recently released their first original album EP on Tuesday, March 15.

The band is composed of vocalist and bassist Austin Berner, guitarist Andrew Blaise and drummer Clay Hollie, all seniors at DeSales.

While Berner and Hollie have known each other since middle school, the trio didn’t come full circle until their freshman year of college when they met Blaise. Recognizing their shared love of music and the diversity in their musical backgrounds and talents, Berner, Blaise and Hollie turned their hobbies into a three-piece alternative band.

Austin Berner (left) plays guitar for a track of his bands first EP, while Lindsay Driscoll (right) records the track. Photo courtesy of Yellocake Facebook page.
Austin Berner (left) plays guitar for a track of his bands first EP, while Lindsay Driscoll (right) records the track. Photo courtesy of Yellocake Facebook page.

The band first performed at the 2013 Battle of the Bands where they placed third. The following year at the 2014 Battle of the Bands, they took home the trophy and decided that it was time for them to take their talents to the next level.

“The joke was we were an annual band and only played one gig a year, but now that’s changed,” said Berner.

The band has performed at the Bulldog Bash in 2015 and 2016, along with Relay for Life and To Write Love on Her Arms.

“Part of the reason for getting this album made was so that we had something to show venues when trying to get gigs,” said Hollie, “So now that the album is made and released, I’m sure we’ll shift our focus to playing more shows.”

Their EP features five stylistically varying songs: “Anima Regis,” “Dark Matter,” “Napoleon Complex,” “The Owls” and “Solstice.”

“We have one song that is classical, one that’s hard rock, one that’s math rock, one that’s acoustic and another which is softer rock that crescendos into hard rock,” said Berner.

Listening to the album is like taking your ears on a melodious roller coaster ride. One minute the music is soft and slow, and then it picks up tempo and sound, embodying more of a metal rock aspect.

Recording their new album took months of writing, recording and mixing the music. With the help of TV/film majors Danny O’Keefe and Lindsay Driscoll, the band was able to self-record and self-produce the entire album.

“In addition to our individual musical skills, each of us has a unique skill set that we brought to the table in the production of our album,” said Blaise.

“Seeing our band on places like Spotify and iTunes is an almost surreal experience,” said Hollie. “I’ll scroll through my music library and see the album cover I designed and the music that my friends and I made among artists like Weezer and twenty one pilots.”

Their album is also available on Soundcloud, Amazon, Google Play and other musical platforms.

Even with all three band members graduating in May, Blaise said, “All three of us are looking at the Philadelphia area, so there’s a good chance we will continue after college.” The trio is already working on ideas for their next album.

For more information about the band and their music, visit their website

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