Student Opinions on Parking Changes

Graph courtesy of Chris Shaddock.

By Christopher Shaddock
Sports Editor

DeSales announced that resident students are now prohibited from parking in either Billera or McShea 7 a.m.-5 p.m. on Mon-Fri. Commuters are still able to park there, as well as the lots they have always been able to park in prior to this year. While no resident may park in the main Billera parking lot, student-athletes may park in the side Billera parking lot.

“I don’t feel that there has been any more space to park,” said junior commuter Kyle Sheehan, who mentioned that he typically parks in the Dooling lot. “The main areas that commuters park at are right here [the Dooling lot], the other side of the DUC or up at Brisson. I don’t know that there was anything wrong with the change, so if it’s not broken why fix it?”

According to Liz Swigart of DeSales’ parking authority, the main reason for the changes was because people were parking in illegal spots in both McShea and Billera. She mentioned McShea in particular, where people were parking in spots that blocked off trucks needing to drop off deliveries for McShea. Swigart also acknowledged the change should be beneficial for commuters, since they will have more spots available to them now.

In order to gauge how students felt about the parking changes, surveys were handed out to 50 random people. According to the results of the survey, 64 percent of students disliked the change, 30 percent were indifferent to the change, and six percent liked the change.

In the survey, students were asked if the parking change had affected them and, if so, to explain their reason. A total of 58 percent of students felt they were affected in some way or another, and their reasons varied. Some felt there were already few places to park for residents, others felt the walk they now have to take to get to a certain building was too long and even more have experienced problems running late for either class or practice.

When asked if he was inconvenienced by the parking changes, resident sophomore Vince Amorosi responded that “the one in Billera, not at all, because the other parking lot [the Billera side lot] is not that much farther away.” Amorosi also mentioned that the parking restriction in McShea is not much of an issue right now, but he could see it being one later on.

Of the people who were in favor of the change, 100 percent were commuters. They feel the change allows them more available parking spots. Other commuters who took part in the survey were either against the change or indifferent, most feeling no noticeable difference in parking from what they experienced last year.

Despite a majority of people being against the change, Swigart mentioned that few students have actually sent in complaints.

Ninety-two percent of students also believed the parking change will be a bigger problem when the weather gets colder and snow starts to touch the ground, an opinion that people from all stances agreed upon.

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