DeSales Welcomes 13 New Professors This Fall

By Kellie Dietrich


Dr. Stephen Carp
Assistant professor of physical therapy

On teaching at DeSales…
“I decided to pursue the opportunity to teach at DeSales for a number of reasons. First, I wished to work at a faith-based university. I have a very strong Catholic background and Catholic beliefs and I felt the need to merge my work and belief environments. Secondly, the opportunity to work and learn under the Director of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Dr. Kay Malek, and her wonderful faculty was incredibly enticing. And lastly, after interviewing with the University leaders, I learned that the academic freedom offered to professors at DeSales was not only greater than I had experienced at my previous teaching assignment, but would also facilitate an incredibly engaging and accepting classroom environment.”

You should know: He’s a passionate, but poor golfer. He also likes Seinfeld, old churches, formal gardens, jeans, coffee and Sinatra.

Rachel Coleman
Instructor of theology

On teaching at DeSales…
“DeSales is my alma mater. I received a B.S. in biology and a B.A. in philosophy while I was here and so I already knew (albeit from a student’s perspective) the quality of the faculty here, and most importantly, the trust and mutual respect of all the faculty. More specifically, teaching in the philosophy and theology department at DeSales, which is excellent and has already been so fruitful in their work, was an opportunity I could not pass up.”

You should know: She received her Masters in theological studies from the John Paul II Institute at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and is now a Ph.D. candidate at the same school. She’s writing her dissertation on a German philosopher, so to improve her German, she took a sabbatical year from her Ph.D. program to study in Freiburg, Germany.

Dr. LaShara Davis
Assistant professor of communication

On her teaching and communication “Aha” moments…
“Teaching at DeSales was a no-brainer. DeSales immediately felt comfortable; it felt like home. The faculty, staff and students are warm, welcoming and supportive… I took my first communication course the summer after my freshman year in college and had an “Aha” moment almost immediately. I was intrigued by how messages were delivered, why certain messages worked for some and not others, the intricacies of interpersonal interactions and even the role the media plays in our lives. Fast forward to today, through research and teaching, specifically in health communication, I find purpose and meaning in my work and am able to help others.”

You should know: She loves anything involving the arts: music, dance, theater, fine art, you name it.

Jared Gordon
Assistant professor of TV/Film

On becoming passionate about TV/Film…
“I’ve always loved films. When I was a wee lad, I wore through my VHS tapes of “The Muppets Take Manhattan,” “Ghostbusters” and Tim Burton’s “Batman.” I’ll never forget coming down to breakfast on my tenth birthday and finding the original Star Wars trilogy waiting for me. But even when I was enjoying film after film, I was conscious that I was watching the creative work of other people. And I wanted to tell my own stories that an audience would want to see and enjoy. I had Adele Kamp as a terrific creative writing teacher in seventh grade and then Richard Leonard in twelfth who convinced me that writing wasn’t just a hobby–it was necessary.”

You should know: He takes annual cross-country road trips to see friends and family across America, and has been to all 48 contiguous states.

Mary Imparato
Instructor of polticial science

On becoming passionate about political science…
“I’ve been interested in politics since the age of 10, when I used to listen to talk radio and watch the Sunday morning news programs for fun. As a government major in college, I realized the importance of answering the fundamental questions about our common life (What is justice? Is there a natural law?), and I learned that I loved teaching. Now, as a professor, I get to think and talk about politics all day, and hopefully share my passion for the subject!”

You should know: She has two young sons, Benedict and Dominic, named for great founders of religious orders.

Dr. Renee Koval
Assistant professor of nursing

On her patients…
“I don’t think my patients will remember my name or what I look like, but I believe they’ll remember what it felt like to have someone really listen to them and care about them- and that, for even a brief period of time, their life was peaceful and they felt hope.”

You should know: She recently moved here from Charleston, SC. Her hobbies include cycling, cake decorating and spending time with family.

Alyssa Robertson
Instructor of nursing

On teaching at DeSales…
“I’ve been teaching part-time clinical for five years here. It was the right time to jump in with the full-time position. I’m really excited to be here, and I always want success for my students.”

You should know: She has two therapy dogs, a yellow lab and a black lab mix, who are like children to her.

Joseph Walsh Jr.
Instructor of criminal justice

On criminal justice and teaching…
“I became passionate about criminal justice because I enjoy helping people. This led to a career as a police officer and county detective responsible for investigating crimes involving technology and performing forensic examinations of digital evidence…In the classroom, I try to get students engaged in the material and provide them with hands-on experience using the tools and methods they will need for their careers.”

You should know: He received his masters from DeSales and has been teaching as an adjunct professor here for the past two years. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and is planning a cross-country road trip with his friends next summer.


DeSales also welcomed assistant professor of TV/Film Esther Duran, instructor of nursing Amanda Jenkinson, assistant professor of nursing Dr. May Lou Gies, professor of nursing Dr. Jacqueline Ochsenreither and assistant professor of physical therapy Julie Skrzat. B

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