Fries Rebellion Offers Delicious Food, Great Dining Experience

Fries Rebellion is located at 1441 S. West End Boulevard Quakertown, PA 18951. Check out their website to explore their menu in detail. Photo courtesy of Fries Rebellion.
Fries Rebellion is located at 1441 S. West End Boulevard
Quakertown, PA 18951. Check out their website to explore
their menu in detail. Photo courtesy of Fries Rebellion.

By Alex Lingle
Layout Editor

I absolutely detest eating alone. It’s one my least favorite activities to undertake, especially in public places.

So when I decided to eat at the Fries Rebellion Kitchen & Taphouse in Quakertown Tuesday night, I promised myself I’d go out with friends. I sent a few probing texts that morning. Just as I was ready to leave campus, my friends Larissa and Erin texted me: “we can come.” And thank God for that.

When we arrived outside the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by a welcoming seater. It was a Tuesday night, so the restaurant wasn’t busy. I loved the aesthetic and atmosphere—wood paneling covers the walls and all the colors are warm and rustic. Our table was clean when we sat down and alternative and rock music played in the background.

The waitress brought us our menus and took our drink orders—three waters with lemon in mason jars, adding to the restaurant’s character and aesthetic. I’d been here before, so I wasn’t surprised, but I watched the excited looks on my friends’ faces when they opened their menus. The selection of items ranges from creative appetizers to one-of-akind burgers to delicious barbecue dinners.

“I looked at the menu and literally started tearing up because there were so many options and it all sounded so good,” Larissa told me afterward. “I had to call my mom to help me decide what to get because I’m so indecisive.”

Erin and I both had similar problems ordering, even though I’d been to the restaurant before. We all finally decided on our orders: I ordered barbecue pork tacos and hellfire shrimp appetizers, and the Quakermaker burger with fries; Erin ordered a cheesesteak and house salad; and Larissa, after much deliberation, finally decided on the blackened chick chopped salad and fries with proper pub cheese.

The appetizers were absolutely delicious. The barbecue pork tacos were sweet and tangy, with coleslaw on top to compliment the pork and crispy, flaky shells. The hellfire shrimp came with an avocado crema and were breaded to a perfect crisp, but didn’t taste over-fried or greasy. Larissa loved the crema so much that when we ran out of shrimp, she cleaned out the rest of the little bowl with a spoon.

The appetizers made us even more excited for our main orders. We waited patiently for about ten minutes before our meals came out—it was more than worth it.

The Quakermaker burger is an eight-oz. burger between two bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. The grilled cheese was crispy and melty and while the bacon could have been crispier for a better texture, it all tasted very, very good. I usually eat everything on my plate, but with the combination of the appetizers and fries, I couldn’t finish my burger, so I got half of it in a box for home.

Larissa enjoyed her salad, consisting of romaine, blackened chicken, avocado, tomato, charred corn, bacon and egg with a ranch dressing.

“I got a salad in the end and it was the right choice because it was healthy and so good,” Larissa said. As we ate, she couldn’t stop gushing about it, and it was so big she brought at least half of it home as well.

The entire meal Larissa and I kept praising our food and the restaurant, but Erin remained mostly silent. As it turned out, she wasn’t crazy about her food like Larissa and I. She’s not a picky eater—she told me she eats just about everything. However, she is particular about what she likes to eat, and she didn’t like that the roll for her sandwich was toasted. She did enjoy her salad and brought home half of each item she ordered.

In addition to all this food, we had the Fries Rebellion signature fries. They’re nice and crispy, but not super greasy like fast food fries. They have a special seasoning on them and Larissa ordered pub cheese to go with hers. My favorite sauce for their fries is the chipotle ketchup. They make the ketchup themselves (no Heinz ketchup here!) and add chipotle into the mix so the ketchup has a little kick to it. I wouldn’t consider it spicy at all, and it’s a very refreshing update of good old-fashioned ketchup. We ended up bringing home an entire box of fries because we’d ordered so many.

At the end of the meal, our waitress brought our checks in a cigar box. This is the final, perfect touch to the end of a meal, adding a level of class that makes the dinner feel just a little fancier.

Fries Rebellion is a fantastic dining experience. It’s created its own unique flavor, from the aesthetics and character of the restaurant to the delicious food—and the restaurant is consistent. I’ve been there five or six times and the experience has remained the same: good food, good service, good times.

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