From the Editor’s Desk: The Edgier Minstrel

By Kellie Dietrich

“If it bleeds, it leads” is the popular quote in journalism. That’s why murder, assault, crime and disasters are always front-page, top story articles. And as you all know, these things don’t happen at DeSales. Last year, it was buzz when a student’s bike was stolen…and then rightfully returned to its owner. Not a whole lot of hard-hitting news there.

When my staff and I brainstormed ideas for this issue, we had a tough time. We want to bring our readers news they want to read. And while The Minstrel is full of quality writing, it is not always edge-of-your-seat news, so we write a lot about good people, doing good things. This issue we meet the study-abroad students spending the semester at DeSales, dance major Becca Mann who spent her summer in Israel and alum Pat Jacoby who has a passion for sports photography. So even though our news may not be “bad” enough for you, the students and alumni featured in this issue are pretty amazing people.

Despite this lack of “bad” news on campus, we should pride ourselves in the fact that DeSales is a great school and one of the safest schools out there. I love being a student at DeSales, and I don’t want to bash my school, but we need to address issues if they are happening. Don’t be naïve and say there aren’t any drugs or sexual assaults on campus. We all know it’s there, and it is rarely talked about.

We also want to hear the stories and challenges facing minority groups on campus and give you a voice. This year The Minstrel is giving literal meaning to being “the voice of the students at DeSales University.” Currently, the majority of those voices on campus are white, heterosexual and Catholic. Let’s hear from new viewpoints and expand our horizons.

Everything I mentioned above is a touchy issue, but they are real-world issues and The Minstrel wants to report on them. I know it’ll be difficult. I could hardly get people to talk to me about the water-damage on campus because no one wants to talk badly about this school. But don’t think of it as attacking DeSales, think of it as reporting the facts and truth. With that being said, we want to hear from you and help tell your stories. E-mail anything you want us to know or report on at, or reach out to me personally at

Welcome to the edgier Minstrel. We’re taking risks and you should too. Speak out and speak up.

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