“A Cure for Wellness” meditation ads promote suicide

By Kimmie Semiday A&E Editor On Feb. 17, “A Cure Wellness” hit theaters as the newest psychological thriller on the market. Director Gore Verbinski of “The Ring” surprised audiences not only with this newest film, but also with his promotional advertisement. “A Cure For Wellness” takes place in the Swiss Alps when a young man played by Dane DeHaan is asked to bring … [Read more...]

“A Cure for Wellness” is gorgeous but dull

By CJ Bamert Staff Writer Gore Verbinski has had a really interesting career. He’s made some great films such as “The Ring” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” one of the best modern blockbusters. But he also made the following two “Pirates of the Caribbean,” along with 2013’s flop “The Long Ranger.” He’s had a spotty track record to say the least, but after a slew of … [Read more...]