Film Festival to feature alum Steve Burns

Alum Steve Burns returns to DeSales for Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Pintrest.

By CJ Bamert

Staff Writer

Labuda is the hub for the arts with great plays put on by the theater department or the concerts by the dance department. Rounding them all out is TV/film, who is putting on its 17th annual film fest March 24 and 25 at 8:00 p.m. on Labuda’s Main Stage.

This year’s lineup consists of nine unique films, all of them either fitting in the category of documentary, dance piece or narrative, three films for each style. All of the films have been directed, produced, written and shot by different members of the TV/film department.

In the documentary category, there are two shot by sophomore Karl Bohn; “Shankweiler’s Drive-In” documents a small drive-in operated in New Jersey, and  “Transplant Heaven” is about a man who is on the donor list for a new liver. Rounding them out is “Commercial Crabbermen” by senior Andy DiAngelis, which documents the work done by a commercial crabbing team located in Barnegat Light, New Jersey.

In the dance category, there are three pieces previously showcased in the Screendance festival from last year. “Wraith” directed by juniors Amanda Seemayer and Kyle Cognetti about battling one’s self. “Compulsion” directed by junior Tyler Sherman is a piece about how the media influences our daily lives through a powerful performance. Finally “Oxidation,” directed by senior Tate Q. Steinberg and produced by senior Lindsay Driscoll is a piece about two friends turned enemies and the warring factions that break out from this.

In the narrative category, first up is “Bath Time” a comedy directed by Steinberg. It follows a man waking up in a bath and having a very weird day following his awakening. Then of course, there’s “The Greatest Movie of All Time,” a comedy co-directed by Steinberg and senior CJ Bamert. It features two partners pitching the greatest movie ever conceived.

Finally, there is the drama “Grief,” directed by 2016 Graduate Nick Lallo. The film follows a young man who is trying to get through life after the passing of his girlfriend. The film was completed in the senior seminar program last spring and has garnered acclaim at other festivals before this. The film was named Best Student Film and Best Drama at the Los Angeles Film Festival last December.

The Film Festival will also be graced by one of its most famous alumnus, Steve Burns. If that name isn’t familiar, some might know him better as Steve of “Blue’s Clues.” Burns was a member of the DeSales theater program but had to drop out to host “Blue’s Clues”. He will be returning to Labuda to name the best in show on Satruday, March 25.

The Film Festival is an important cornerstone in the Labuda community and the one weekend that the film department has a chance to showcase its work. Tickets are $8 for students and seniors, and $10 for adults. Purchase tickets by calling the Labuda box office at 610-2823192 or by visiting

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