From New York City to Center Valley

Upper East Side Manhattan is a far contrast from Center Valley. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

By Lindsay Wigo

Staff Writer

I was dropped off in Midtown Manhattan at 17 years old and looked around at my new home. I was planning on spending the next four years in the Big Apple at Marymount Manhattan College, but instead I spent four months. After transferring to DeSales, I’ve recognized some differences between the two schools, besides the obvious one that jumped out at me: I’m not in New York anymore.

First off, having a dining hall at DeSales is very different for me. I was used to walking outside on Third Ave. and having the choice of Chipotle, McDonald’s, Panera, Chinese food, Dunkin Donuts or a salad. When I wasn’t in classes, I was in my dorm, which was a 20-minute walk from school. I was responsible for finding food on my own if I didn’t feel like walking the hike to the café that my school offered.

At DeSales, it’s very different. I am able to eat on campus without having to walk a mile. Although the food is different, it’s easier to meet up with friends here because I’m not living in an overcrowded city.

I also notice there is a big style change from New York City. I definitely adapted a different fashion sense from living in the Upper East Side for a semester. I wasn’t afraid to mix colors, patterns or to wear shoes that might get you some weird looks in a smaller town. Coming to DeSales didn’t change my style drastically, but I definitely think twice before I try out a trend I’d definitely wear on Fifth Ave. without hesitation. The styles here are what I’m used to…no one is trying anything too crazy.

I think the biggest difference has nothing to do with the food or clothes, but with the people I’ve met here. The students and professors are all around more kind and open. The stigma that all New Yorkers are rude is not true at all; however the atmosphere of DeSales is much calmer and welcoming than the bustling college I attended.

The students seem happier to be learning. The professors go out of their way to help their students more than they did in New York. I’m not sure if it was because New York City is a chaotic place, but I’d take being on this crowded campus at lunchtime over being in Midtown any day.

I know when I go back to New York in the future (because I will be back) it’ll be an interesting experience visiting my old college after going to DeSales. Coming from “the middle of nowhere” to the Big Apple will certainly be a big change for me. Although there is an enormous difference between the noise level and type of campus, the biggest difference is the people I have met. They’ve made this experience a lot easier for me and I’m perfectly okay with not being in New York anymore.

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