Dramatic “Victoria” will be back for second season

Jenna Coleman who plays Victoria also starred in “Doctor Who” and “Me Before You.” Photo courtesy of PBS.

By Elizabeth Brantingson

Staff Writer

PBS has out done itself with its show “Victoria,” a drama about a teenager who is crowned Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman) of England alongside of her husband Prince Albert (Tom Hughes). The shows costumes, performances and sets will transport viewers back in time to 1837.

“Victoria” ended its first season on March 5, and is available to watch on Amazon and shoppbs.org. The second season is currently being filmed and will air in the fall. Once viewers see the first episode, they will want to binge watch the entire season.

The first season includes scandal, corruption and the politics of the Court, making the show a lot of fun to watch. It is also is the right show for fans of drama, history and romance.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert provide viewers with a great love story. Coleman gives a breathtaking performance as Queen Victoria, and Hughes does a great job portraying Prince Albert. They have great chemistry together.

Viewers will be intrigued about who the characters are and what they did. One of those characters is Lord Melbourne, who is one of Queen Victoria’s Prime Ministers. Actor Rufus Sewall does an amazing job of bringing Lord Melbourne to life. Prince Albert is also a compassionate character that cares about what is going on in the world.

Series writer Daisy Goodwin succeeds at bringing these historical characters into the 21st century. Queen Victoria has many uncles so viewers must pay attention to the storyline to keep track of characters and what roles they are playing. Overall, the show’s cast of actors and Goodwin makes a great combination.

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