Career Coach Meghan Godorov gives practical tips on salary negotiation

By Kellie Dietrich


On Monday April 3, the Career Development Center hosted the Job Acceptance and Salary Negotiation talk by career coach Meghan Godorov. Salary negotiation can be scary, but these tips make negotiation seem doable.

1. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate

The most shocking statistic of the night was that 84 percent of employers expect job applicants to negotiate salary; however, only three in ten applicants will try. That means 70 percent of applicants are leaving money on the table. Godorov suggests to negotiate early and often, especially women who are affected by the pay and wage gap.

2. Only negotiate salary when you have a job offer

Don’t negotiate salary during the interview and only negotiate for jobs that you actually want.

3. Do your research

Create your own budget to see what salary you need to survive and always negotiate for more to have a cushion. Check out for some help. Also, do research on what the average salary is for the job. Godorov recommends as her top choice. is a great site for international jobs and will break down your paycheck to see how much of your salary you actually earn.

4. Always ask for job offers in writing

Having the job offer, salary and benefits in writing ensures that the employer sticks to their word. Be sure to ask how much time you have to review the job offer and abide by that time frame.

5. Negotiate benefits

If an employer shoots down your salary negotiation, they may be more open to negotiating benefits.

6. Know your worth

Be able to express what you can contribute to the company.

7. Deflect questions on salary history and salary expectations

When employers ask questions on your salary history, have negotiation power phrases ready, such as “My salary expectations will be based on this position’s requirements” or “My previous employer considers my salary confidential information.”

8. Always negotiate

As one of the audience members put it, “Never not negotiate.” Negotiation is a skill to have for the rest of your life, not just when it comes to salary. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you negotiate in a respectful manner.

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