From the Editor’s Desk…

By Chris Shaddock

Sports Editor (Future Editor-in-Chief)

How’s it going everyone?

My name is Chris, and I have the privilege of being the Editor-in-Chief for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Some things about me: I am quiet, lackadaisical and always aim to do what others usually would not. Aside from writing for The Minstrel, I run cross country and track for the school, read a lot of random books, chill with friends and play a lot of indie games. I’m also currently thousands of miles away from DeSales studying abroad in Greece where I have been exploring and having a good time this whole semester.

I joined The Minstrel my freshman year knowing next to nothing about journalism. Throughout the two years I have been on the staff, my love and appreciation for journalism has grown as well as my skill in the field. Also if anyone is even remotely interested in journalism, stop by for a staff meeting. The Minstrel is a great way to get a feel for what journalism is like, and we could always use more writers.

One thing that is unique in comparison to the other Editor-in-Chiefs before me is that I will be a junior next year instead of a senior. While I may be less experienced than previous editors, that does not mean I give any less attention to quality. I want nothing but the best for The Minstrel, and have plenty of ideas that I hope to implement during my time as Editor-in-Chief.

Thanks to many talented writers and editors, the newspaper has progressed a lot these past few years. Because of this, I have a tough act to follow, but I have with me a staff that is more than capable of keeping the momentum going. I look forward to be working again with Lauren Trumbull, James Evans, Allison McCausland, Antonia Spano, Steve Manzo, Ellen Cicchiti, and Bridget Walsh, as well as meeting some new members such as Kari Condel and Lindsay Wigo.

Before I end this, I would like to give acknowledgments to some people. First is our current Editor-in-Chief, Kellie Dietrich who is a tremendously hard worker (she wrote four articles this issue) and loves the newspaper more than anyone else here. Then there is our Managing Editor, Will Edwards, who has been my teammate, my journalism mentor and the second older brother I never had. I also wish all the other seniors, Jaci Wendel, Kimmie Semiday, CJ Bamert, Jeana Teddick and Elizabeth Brantingson, luck in whatever the future holds for them.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their semester and I will see you all next year!

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