Where are they now: Autumn Fink’s acting career

By CJ Bamert

Staff Writer

When graduating from the DeSales theater department, there are many different career choices. Some people will go out and audition for plays and films, some may go the modeling route and try their luck there or some in the more design aspect of theater may work on their craft out of school. For Autumn Fink, she’s doing all that and more.

Fink graduated in 2015 with a degree in theater and a minor in TV/film. Since then she has been living in Bethlehem, Pa., getting work in many fields, making the most out of her degree and skills.

Her most well-known postgrad job came last November when she was cast as an extra on the Batman prequel show “Gotham.”

“It was a random application at two in the morning,” laughs Fink. “I got some courage and I submitted my headshot.”

That led to her being called back as a featured extra in a big arc for the show, playing one of the henchmen of Jerome, the show’s version of the Joker.

“The show was a great learning opportunity; I was with the technical side of the show along with the main production,” explains Fink.

Fink has since landed jobs working as an extra on “Bull,” “Blind Spot,” “Blacklist” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” As Fink was going down the list of shows she was on, she had some trouble remembering all of them.

Fink has been doing a lot of modeling work for many different shows and designers.

“Another random [audition], I was bored for a couple hours in New York and I went to an open casting call at Macys,” she says.

This led her to working for Fashion Week Brooklyn, an international fashion show where she made several good connections. This even led her to appearing in a magazine.

“My butt is in Italian Vogue,” laughs Fink, not bragging or embellishing.

How Fink has been getting all these jobs seemed like a mystery even to her, but she laid it out why she goes out for all that she does.

“I still don’t think I’m doing enough, you have to compare yourself to what you were doing a year ago and know that many people are in the same place,” explains Fink. “Sometimes it really is all about being in the right place at the right time. It’s something I didn’t expect.”

Though sometimes, from Fink’s experience, another great place for opportunity is through other DeSales alumni. Last summer she got a job as a wardrobe assistant at the Bucks County Playhouse, but this wasn’t just any play: this was an adaption of “Steel Magnolias” starring Jessica Walters (“Arrested Development”) and Patricia Richardson (“Home Improvement”).

“DeSales has a great alumni base, especially in the arts department,” says Fink.

Along with all of this, Fink managed to start her own business as she’s working on all of her ventures. “Ausdruck,” a German expression, is a line of one-of-a-kind hand-painted, hand-embroidered garments created by Fink. She’s been working on the business for the last couple of months and has been showcasing her brand around social media.

“It started out me needing a creative outlet, but now it’s been a great way to try new things,” says Fink.

“Ausdruck” recently had a booth at the Southside Art and Music Festival.

Fink certainly knows how to keep busy, and with the work, she’s been proving to be quite the Swiss army woman.

“You have to create your own opportunities if you feel like the right ones aren’t coming your way… I think Tina Fey already said that,” admits Fink while laughing. One can bet we’ll be hearing young actresses quoting Fink in no time.

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