7 Great Summer YouTubers To Bust Summer Blues

By Lindsay Wigo

Editorials Editor

Summer is a time for vacationing, relaxing and being with family and friends. However, do you ever have those rainy summer days where you don’t know what to do? Tired of going to the pool being in the heat? What do you turn to? Go on YouTube!

Bust your mid-summer blues with some of the most underrated and talented YouTubers. The variety of content they publish will keep you entertained for hours!

David Dobrik

A 20-year-old vlogger from California, but with a twist. Most of his vlogs are scripted. The material he writes is honestly hysterical. His videos are short, funny and witty, keeping you wanting more. He is also friends with many familiar faces from our childhood, such as Josh Peck. There is never a dull moment in his life.

Jason Nash

Friends with David Dobrik, Jason Nash is 43-years-old and always seems to be wrapped up into crazy adventures with his younger friends. His humor is like no other, so if you are into videos similar to David Dobrik’s, you will love Jason!

Margot Lee

A rising sophomore at Syracuse University, Margot Lee posts videos such as beauty tips, room décor, and healthy eating and fitness. She’s not a typical “beauty guru.” Sure, she does makeup videos, but she focuses on advice videos and college videos, too! Due to her very laid back nature, creativity and personality, her videos have a really chill vibe.


A young family of 4, Oscar, Kyra, Levi and Alaya, take you on different adventures with their daily vlogs. If you love little kids, you’ll fall in love with this adorable family and their 2-year-old and newborn baby. You will never get bored of watching them. They even try to post every day!

Shane Dawson

With almost 10-million subscribers, Shane is one of the most followed YouTubers of all time. From his conspiracy theory videos, to trying weird products online, it’s hard to describe Shane Dawson in a few sentences. He has done some crazy things and acts a little odd, but it is his hilarious personality that keeps people coming back.

Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE)

 Have you ever heard or seen a reaction video? Also known as REACT on YouTube,FBE brings in different people and records their reactions to different online trends, personalities and fails. It is addicting to watch Teens React, Grandparents React, Kids React and even YouTubers React. Watch one video and you will find yourself watching so many more.

Jenna Marbles

Alongside Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles is one of the most popular YouTubers with over 17-million subscribers. After 7 years, it may seem like she was a YouTuber of the past— but no! Her newest videos are very original and hilarious: making mini houses for her pets, never before seen prank calls and videos with her boyfriend, Julien Solomita.

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