Change comes to DeSales: No free parking!

By James Evans

Staff Writer

As many students have discovered upon returning to campus this fall, parking is no longer free. That means take your car, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

In fact, students may be paying up to $75 in parking permit fees.

The changes to the parking policy were tucked away within a May 18, 2017 newsletter next to information regarding a “DSU BBQ T-Shirt Pick Up” and the daily weather update.

Residents are now expected to pay $75 for a parking permit and $25 if they are a commuter. It is evident that this was not something the administration desired to publicize, since the fee is the last of the ten listed revisions to the parking policy changes at DeSales.

Likewise, DeSales University advertises its free parking on the university’s website. This can be located under the “FAQ” and “Parking” portion of the Campus Life section.

Even after this policy change, the website still claims that parking is free on campus.

As of press time, the DeSales University website explicitly states “Unlike a lot of schools, freshman at DeSales are allowed to keep a car on campus. And, parking is FREE!”

If one is to click further on the link that says “Learn more about parking at DeSales,” they are brought to the updated list of parking rules and regulations for 2018. However, even on this portion of the website, there is no notice of the fees for a permit.

When policies like this are updated, there should be sufficient news and notifications of said change, especially if it was previously a boast for the university.

Out of the other nine parking changes, students are no longer allowed to park at Dooling Hall during the day, whether they are commuters or residents. Besides that, there are so many other changes and policies that one needs a handout to know all of the new parking rules.

Lastly, there is an additional fine added this year to those that use a permit fraudulently. This fine is $100, which is the steepest of any parking fines at DeSales University. The previous high was $85 for parking in a handicap space illegally.

New Parking Policy:

1. Residents can park at Billera, Labuda and wherever they live at any time.

2. Commuters can park at the DUC, Gambet, Trexler and McShea at any time.

3. Residents may park in one of three labeled spots at McShea for up to 30 minutes.

4. After 4:30 pm, commuters can park in Dooling Hall.

5. After 6:30 pm, all students can park at Hurd, Dooling, Trexler, Gambet and McShea.

6. After 7:30 pm, all students can park at the DUC.

7. Some residents can park at Brisson, if they have a special permit to do so.

8. Commuters cannot park at residence halls, except if they are Brisson and Chappuis.

9. No student can park at Wills Hall at any time.

10. These rules are subject to change in the case of an event.

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