DeSales’ bulldog: Is new always better?

By Antonia Spano

Layout Editor

On June 30 this past summer, DeSales University’s athletics department announced a new logo for the DeSales Bulldog on their Twitter page. Before students returned to school it replaced the old image online and on school apparel.

Around school, students are seen with the new t-shirts sporting the bulldog that was described by some students as looking tougher than the last, while others call it more relaxed.

A major difference between the two is that the new one is without the helmet and fangs. Another difference is color; the old logo included the colors of black, tan, red and blue, with white on the eyes and fangs. The new one is only grey, blue and red, with the dog sometimes on a grey and red crest.

In a poll on campus, thirtythree students were questioned on their preference in mascot. The vote was almost even, with fifteen students preferring the new one and sixteen preferring the old. Some said the new one looked “grumpy” in an effort to look tough. Others said it looked “generic” and similar to the logos of other schools’ with bulldogs.

The other two people asked chose neither design, but instead recommended bringing back the old mascot of a centaur.

“Many schools have bulldogs [as mascots]. How many have centaurs?” asked Robert McLean, sophomore sport management major.

Students around McLean agreed with the uniqueness of the centaur as a mascot.

Overall, students seem split on their opinions of the design. It could be because school just started and they need time to adjust, or maybe they are hoping the centaurs will gallop back from the mythical lands.


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