Augi, augi, never quit

By Kari Condel

Staff Writer

As the DeSales women’s rugby team approaches their fifth season, they are more dedicated, dialed-in and driven than ever. With its commencement in 2013 and fluctuating growth pattern, the program aims to grow in strength and numbers this season.

“Rugby offers an incomparable atmosphere as members are strongly bonded in a tight-nit family and not just because we have to be extremely close during scrums”, said club coach Morgan Kaschak.

The team, both on and off the field, are involved in each other’s lives, pushing each teammate to succeed in all endeavors. The women are constantly looking to improve their rugby abilities, perfecting their strengths and eliminating weaknesses.

One weakness is the lack of players the club possesses, especially after losing many to graduation the past two years. Despite such a feat, the team certainly does not lack spunk, enthusiasm or ability. The team motto embodies these characteristics as well as many others, as the women remain faithful to the saying and its underlying meaning. It serves as a unifying mechanism to the team at all times, carrying them through both successes and defeats. The following, which is a version of the traditional chant shouted at sporting events around Great Britain, is repeated at the start and end of every game or practice:

“Augi, augi, never quit, tackle, ruck, scrum, hit, the things I do for the sisters I’m with, augi, augi, never quit.”

Looking toward the future, the team used the past season as a stepping stone and a learning year due to the fact that many members, at the time, had never participated in the sport. Excitement on the pitch and strong leadership led the women through the year and into the next as building and learning have been, and continue to be fostered. A unifying goal from all on the team lies both in individual and team success.

“This year we plan to keep building and getting stronger to make it, together, into the championships,” said Kaschak.

The team’s roster added six new members this season. Once accepted and inducted into the program, they become part of the rugby family. One of the major strengths of the team, aside from abilities on the pitch itself, is their ability to create a friendly and family-like atmosphere through the qualities of helpfulness, teamwork and determination to put the work in to being successful both as individuals and as one unit.

Headed by friendship, leadership and a collective cooperative nature, the team has their sights set on the championship and being competitive both throughout the regular season and postseason tournaments, making a mark in DeSales history and within the local community.

Kaschak and President Annabella Stigliano will look to lead their team in the fall 15th season commencing in the middle of September and concluding in the end of October

The women will take on Albright on Sept. 23 in their home opener in front of DeSales students and faculty. Be sure to catch the women in action throughout their season

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