Homecoming soccer games: DeSales’ double win

By Chris Shaddock


On Saturday Sept. 30, the men and women’s soccer teams both had their homecoming weekend games. It was the first, chilly day of fall, and a lot was going on. The bleachers were full of people wearing sweatshirts with a familiar bulldog on the front. Alumni and anyone over 21 tailgated in the parking lot. Food trucks were selling fried Oreos and funnel cake. There was even a petting zoo. Most important, though, the men’s and women’s soccer team both won over FDU Florham in their respective matches.

Senior Angelica Bertola scored the first goal of the game at 27:43. By halftime, Bertola went to score two more goals, earning herself another hat-trick. In the second half of the game Bertola, once again, scored. FDU-Florham slipped a goal through at 71:42, but afterwards senior Gabby Lucchese and sophomore Sophie Goad each scored solidifying a very strong lead. By the end of the game the total score was 6-1. A look of feigned indifference and unenthusiasm could be seen on the other team after the fifth goal.

“I think we did well,” said sophomore Barbara Pizarro. “Passing and connecting, our coach forces that on us and he really wants us to do well. As a team, we are very connected emotionally on the field. That helps a lot.”

An hour after the women’s game, the men’s soccer team took the field for their game. For a while, neither team scored, but at 40 minutes senior Joey Malvestuto got a pass from junior Max Cortina, and made the first goal for the game.

“As a team, I think we worked really well,” said senior Michael Bamundo. “Everybody was really into it from the beginning. We worked, we communicated and no one got down on each other when we couldn’t score right away. Then we scored, everybody was happy and we just kept it going.”

Late into the game, the men’s team scored again when Junior Zach Reichard bumped in a rebound shot from sophomore Javaughn Husset. The game ended in a shut out with 2-0. This game is the eighth shutout they have had this season, as well as the ninth consecutive win for the team.

“I think the guys were a little bit emotional that it was homecoming with a big crowd,” said Bamundo. “It started off a bit slow, but we came up pretty quick and scored that goal. From there, we started playing well, and we got that second goal in the end. I wish we got a couple more goals; it would have made it more fun for the crowd, but the game was good.”

These games were MAC Freedom openers for both the men and women’s team. Both teams are now 1-0 and are now heading into MAC Freedom Conference games.

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