Men’s Soccer Remains Unconquered

By Kari Condel

Staff Writer

DeSales men’s soccer team has not met its match, as the team remains undefeated this season. This season has been fueled by hard work, dedication and tenacity. Their motto? Take one game at a time.

Assisting the team in such successes are eight freshmen, all of which are ready to don their jersey when called upon.

“They have all contributed in a very positive way,” noted head coach George Crampton while evaluating how the new players. Having players at bay is necessary in ensuring that fresh legs and minds are on the field at all times. All are conditioned and ready to step into battle for their brothers at any given moment.

The defense is a strength recognized by both Crampton and senior captain, Michael Bamundo.

“Everyone on our team can take credit for having such a good defense, from our defenders, to our midfielders, to our forwards,” Bamundo said. “We’ve only given up eight goals in 15 games this year and I believe that is a testament to our hardwork all over the field.”

Strengths of the team are vast, while weaknesses few and far between. Regardless of the work load, adversity or the opponent, the men stay dedicated and true to their hopes for the season: to leave with nothing less than a championship. These high hopes and ambition fuel the team to their ever-reaching goals. A composite goal of the unit is to first win the MAC Freedom Championship, and later make a run in the NCAA Tournament and fight for the National Championship and the honor that comes with it.

When a group of people work together towards a common goal, a positive team atmosphere is crucial. Without such support, the team would not be able to combine their individual strengths to enhance their team performance.

“We are having a lot more fun than in the past both in practice and during games, which I think shows in our record for the year,” Bamundo stated. “You can tell that everyone enjoys coming to play soccer every day.”

The entire roster has supported their teammates, fostering the growth of each other, the team as a single unit and, in return, themselves. While a sense of lightheartedness is present, the level of competitiveness and drive is at an all-time high, leading the unit through their season.

“I think we are very confident right now in our ability to keep our unbeaten streak going for the rest of the season,” Bamundo noted of their accomplishment this season.

Hard work, leadership, perseverance and winning will continue to be a trait of this team, with enthusiasm stemming from all. The men’s soccer team will look to make a continued statement of their devotion to each other, the sport and their school during the back half of their season.

Since this article has been written, the men’s soccer team won against Eastern University in the MAC Freedom Championship. This is their fifth MAC Freedom title, and they won 4-3. The team is now entering the opening round of the  NCAA Division III National Tournament against John Hopkins on Saturday Nov. 11.

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