Sushi helps with studying?

By Lindsay Wigo

Editorials Editor

The first semester is finally coming to a close. No more adjusting to new classes or enjoying the warm, fall weather. As we approach the final few weeks of school, we are, however, reminded of one thing.


Regardless if you have one or six, finals can definitely take a toll on any student’s grades and health. All of the late hours spent studying rather than sleeping, the snacks that pile up in your room and the thought of Christmas being only days away, there is no question that finals are a college student’s worst nightmare. That being said, here are some typical and not-sotypical tips to help relieve the stress of finals.

1. Chew gum

One such way is by chewing gum. You have probably heard it before, but it is much more than a cliché. A few researchers conducted a study at St. Lawrence University with 224 undergraduate students regarding gum and memory recall. After testing the students with three exams, they found that the majority of the undergraduates’ grades increased for a brief period of time. Also, scientists at Coventry University found that people who chewed mint gum showed a “dramatic decrease in feelings of sleepiness.” This sounds pretty good for students who pull all nighters for finals.

2. Eat Sushi

According to a study conducted by WebMD on the best brain foods to help someone concentrate, Sushi is considered one of the best brain foods to aid in concentration and memory recall. Along with sushi, eating a substantial dinner before studying also helps keep you seated and focused, rather than distracted by how hungry you are.

3. Use gummy bears

Then there is the gummy bear method. This was circulating on Twitter a few years ago, and it is time for it to resurface. If you have issues with concentrating, and need some motivation to get through the lengthy textbook pages, try this tip. Place gummy bears sporadically across the pages. As you are reading and come across a gummy bear, eat it. This helps you get through the chapter of studying. Gummy bears can be substituted for any candy or chocolate that will guarantee you to sit still until the chapter is finished.

4. Watch a documentary or any YouTube recap

This may not be applicable for a math or science course, but for a history or literature class, there are definitely many significant people and events that you have to keep organized. Finding a documentary is a great way to solidify and lock in information one last time. If documentaries are not suitable for your class, there is a good chance that someone put a summary of your topic on YouTube. Especially if you are stuck on a topic you cannot seem to grasp, the YouTube review videos are usually beginner level, visually appealing and a good wrap-up before taking your test. So grab some of that sushi, sit down and get learning.

5. Print out your notes— in Times New Roman font

Despite the fact that it is easier to study straight from your laptop, printing out your notes in this font makes it the easier to read. Grab some colored pens and underline main sections of the chapter, circle topics you are not too confident in, and star the ones you feel like you could recite in your sleep. Organizing your notes this way allows you to see all at once what you are working with and what you need to go over— without having to scroll on a screen.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the stress of finals. Hopefully these random tips can bring you a little extra confidence when it comes to test time

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