DeSales has talent: CAB hosts talent show

By Chris Shaddock


In order to find out which student has the most talent, DeSales’s Campus Activity Board hosted the first ever, DeSales Got Talent. The event took place Nov. 17 in the McShea Lounge. Students with varying talents signed up for the event to strut their stuff, including bands, dancers, musicians, a yo-yoist and lots and lots of singers.

“Every day we have been doing something new and coming up with new ideas for it [DeSales Got Talent],” said student activities director Brendan Graham on planning the event. “It has been about two months of focusing on how we can enhance and make it just a bit better.”

Junior Artrell Flonnory hosted the event. He provided comedic banter between the audience and him, hosted the games in between acts and introduced contestants. Along with him were the mock celebrity guest judges Heidi Klum (Jillian Spicer), Mel B (Carly Benjamin), Simon Cowell (Mike White) and the DeSales mascot, the Bulldog. Taking after the judges in America’s Got Talent after every act, the guest judges provided commentary and critique to the contestants.

Taking third place in the talent show was singer and guitarist Cathy Ritter. The song the played was an original piece she wrote hours before her act. In second place was the yo-yo wizard Adrian Anatalio. In between his bodacious yo-yo skills, Anatalio showed off his dancing skills. Taking first place were the duet singers Kelly Mulhern and Sabrina Ricciardi. They sang a mix of Alicia Keys’ most iconic songs including “No One,” “Empire State of Mind” and “If I Ain’t Got You.” Their prize for coming in first place was $500.

“The audience gets to vote on who they think should win,” said Graham. “We give everyone a sheet in which they can vote, and then we tally the votes the old-fashioned way, so that way nothing gets misconstrued or that people feel it’s rigged. We’re just trying to keep it as fair as possible.”

Other notable contestants were the energetic rock band Shock Value, Julien Guiteau’s surreal dancing skills and DSU Band performing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day.

Prizes were also offered to audience members throughout the show. Each audience member was given a ticket in which they could enter into a raffle, which would take place after the talent show. Some of the prizes offered were Beats by Dre, an Amazon Dot and a smart TV. Additionally, prizes were won through games that took place between contestant acts. These games included trivia questions, a bubble gum blowing contest, a deal or no deal-like game and wheel spinning. Winners of these games could choose their prize between DeSales clothing, tickets to upcoming events or raffle tickets to better their odds in the formerly mentioned raffle.

The whole show lasted around three hours. This time consisted of the numerous contestant’s acts, the games played in between acts and the tallying of the votes in the end of the show.

The show had a good turnout overall. Before the show started, McShea was packed with students waiting for it to begin. The chairs that were set up for the audience were quickly taken resulting students bringing in chairs from the other rooms in the building. Even after all those chairs were taken, some students still needed to resort to sitting on trash cans.

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