Authors all around: Professors talk their authorship

By Antonia Spano

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On Wed., Nov. 8 at 3p.m., Trexler Library hosted an event about faculty authors. Professors from different areas of study spoke about their experiences in the publishing world and what inspired them to write their books.

One of the faculty members, Professor Juilene Osborne-McKnight, unfortunately was unable to attend due to an illness.

Dr. Stephen Carp of the physical therapy department was the first to speak about his book. Perpheral Nerve Injury discusses the importance of nerves and how to rehabilitate nerve damage. He previously worked in hospital management and is a licensed physical therapist. Carp discussed some of the causes of nerve damage, which include carpal tunnel, construction workers who put nails in their mouth causing lead to seep into their bloodstream, diabetes, and the medication of chemotherapy patients.

The department chair of TV/film, Chuck Gloman, discussed his experience sharing royalties on his book and his disappointment in that outcome. His textbook, Placing Shadows, has reached best-seller status, having sold over ten thousand copies. Gloman told the story of how he had to take a class in lighting and design for a job, and the textbook assigned for the class was Placing Shadows.

Criminal Law is part of “Justice Series,” a set of textbooks for criminal justice majors, and is written by Dr. Jennifer Moore. The textbook is written and designed similar to a magazine, making it easier for students to read it. Moore told the audience that the first addition had a picture of OJ Simpson on it. She also discussed the second edition, which features an online component with REVEL, which has interactive powerpoints and videos that she talks in. Moore shared her experience filming the videos and showed some in her presentation.

Jason Konzelmann, who teaches the paramedic program at DeSales, wrote a review for the National Registry Paramedic examination. He discussed how the most challenging part of the book was getting the pictures and diagrams. Konzelmann also announced that he was planning to write a review for the EMT registration examination.

Author of two books, Dr. Tahereh Hojjat wrote the first, The Economics of Obesity, Poverty, Income Inequality and Health, to prove herself. Hojjat is an Iranian immigrant whose second book, Islamic Economy and Social Mobility: Cultural and Religious Considerations, is “well known on Google,” a fact that she is proud of. Hojjat also discussed how she offered to work with Brother Daniel Wisiewski on Islamic Economy and Social Mobility and how she was disappointed that he could not accept the co-authorship.

Brother Dan, in turn, discussed his book Love is the Perfection of the Mind, which has essays on Salesian Spirituality written by nine different scholars. The manuscript of the book was due last Jan. to the editors, but was completed in March. Brother Dan is a mathematician and is the head of the mathematics department. Brother Dan discussed how he got a chance to edit Father Alexander Pocetto’s work and how he presented the book to Father Pocetto in June. Brother Dan talked about his experience on a panel for the play Elektra in Spring of 2016, based off the teachings of St. Jane de Chantel.

Dr. Katherine Ramsland talked about her textbook Forensic Investigation, which was published on Nov. 7. She told the audience how she immersed herself in the lives of forensic investigators to write her sleuthing book. Her other book Into the Devil’s Den won the New Mexico Book Award in 2008. Dr. Ramsland spent most of her talk discussing Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer.

Dr. Ramsland talked about the interview process for the book and how “the hardest part was talking to the families of the victims.” Rader was upset because the number of chapters in the book was not a multiple of three. The book itself was a “guided autobiography” as Dr. Ramsland went to the prison multiple times to interview Rader about his experiences. She told a story of how she needed to have a surgery a few years ago and sold two copies of her books in the hospital. Dr. Ramsland stated that she likes to write books about topics she does not know a lot about, and that she likes people to contact her after reading her books.

This event truly showcased the many talented professors DeSales has to offer its students, and it allowed students and faculty learn about other opportunities and experiences within the various fields represented.

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