Get excited for the future

By Lindsay Wigo

Editorial Editor

At our last Minstrel meeting, our Editor-In-Chief, Chris, suggested that I write an editorial on things that I am excited for, whether that be in the near or distant future. It is pretty easy to learn about me if you have read my editorials, so it does not take much searching to find my opinion on something. My reason for saying this is because if you have read at least one of my editorials, you have gotten a glimpse at one thing I thought was worth writing about and publishing. There are a lot of little things that excite me that I would love to write about, but just have not. I figured what better way to learn more about the editorials editor than an editorial of the little things that excite me, right?

I’m really excited to cook dinners in a huge kitchen one day.

Let’s make it known that I cannot cook, and I can barely bake, but knowing one day that I will somehow have gathered the ability to do both of those things makes me excited. As someone who has been trying to eat healthy lately, I always find myself on Pinterest looking up healthy meal ideas, which makes me dream about the giant kitchen that is a definite necessity in whatever house I buy.

Secondly, I am really excited that yoga classes are a thing in my life.

Yoga is something I didn’t realize I needed until it happened, and I’d recommend it to anyone. I never thought I would believe in the benefits of yoga, but I am really big fan.

Third, I am really excited for my generation of high school and college students to continue to do amazing things.

I have read some great stories of students creating their own businesses, music and even leading their own student activism organizations. There is something creative and inspiring about students my age who are so determined and already making an impact on their community. I love reading about college students who are also entrepreneurs and high schools students who are releasing albums. It is really incredible to hear that despite a lot of negativity in the world, there are people working really hard for causes and programs they love and following what they were called to do. I am looking forward to seeing more coverage of these students in newspapers.

Along with most of the population of DeSales, I’m excited for warm weather.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am slightly tired of being bundled up every time I walk to class. I’m ready for shorts, to ditch the jackets and for this winter season to go out the door.

Lastly, I am excited to travel this summer.

Whether that be on a plane for vacation, or in a car to a town I have never explored. I am excited to be in the second half of the semester and soon be on my way home for the summer.

I hope learning about some things that make me excited made you think about some of the things in your life that make you excited. Whether they be big or small, may your hopes for the future get you through this spring semester. They are sure helping me get through!


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