Nuclear Weaponry is Terrifying

By Christopher Shaddock


The world is probably the safest it has ever been. People on average live longer due to progress in medical care, there are less wars due to nations allying with each other and there is less violence in general due to there being fair laws enforced by authorities. Even though our world feels like a utopia to people living 100 years ago, I sometimes cannot help but feel as if the end of all civilization is approaching. As if the same things that have made the world a better place are also the things that will lead us to an apocalypse.

Nuclear warfare is probably one of the most obvious and logical ways that the world will end, but it will probably not happen the way people expect it to. Most people would assume that nuclear warfare will happen when two nuclear armed countries decide they hate each other so much they go for all out war. However, that is quite unlikely. Most countries who seek nuclear arms do not necessarily want to use them, but so much as use them as insurance. This is basically what North Korea is doing right now. They know they cannot nuke another country, otherwise that would be their demise. But they also know no one can really touch them, because then they would nuke another country. It is the reason why the U.S. and South Korea are having talks of compromise with North Korea instead of all-out war.

What is terrifying about nuclear warfare is the weaponry getting into the wrong hands. Unlike a nation, terrorists organization do not have as much to lose. In general, they are also much more interested in causing destruction than they are maintaining themselves, and I truly believe they would use nuclear weapons on people if they had them. Luckily, they do not, and they probably will not, but it could happen in two ways.

The first is if a country were to sell terrorists weapons. This is a fear that some people have with North Korea and Iran having nuclear weapons. It would make a country a lot of money and could be strategically advantageous for them. That being said, it would also be a dumb move, because it easy to figure out where these weapons were obtained, and then result in an all-out war. So likely it will not happen, but the idea that a nation country would sell nuclear weapons is terrifying and ultimately chaotic.

The other way they could obtain nuclear arms is by making them themselves. This is a real long term scenario, but people could figure it out. How else did an unprogressive country like North Korea obtain nuclear weapons? They discovered how to do it and gained the materials needed. Sure, they poured basically all their resources into doing so, but they still did it. A terrorist organization would probably never have the resources or time to create nuclear weapons, but maybe one day people will not need the resources or time to make nuclear weapons.

Make no mistake, I understand it is ridiculously complex to make nuclear weaponry, but everything starts that way. As technology progresses, it only gets easier to get access to and create things. While no black market sells nuclear weaponry, some do sell nuclear materials, so it is not impossible to obtain the stuff, just hard.

As I said earlier the possibility of nuclear weaponry getting into the hands of terrorist is slim and would probably not happen anytime soon. I truly have known idea when it could likely happen, but probably not for another fifty years, and maybe never.

It is something to think about though, and that is why I am writing about it. As the world advances problems do get solved, but other problems tend to come up instead. Sometimes they are worse than the old problems.

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