From the Editor’s desk…

By Chris Shaddock Editor-in-Chief When Rome went from being a republic to a dictatorship, people were not upset; they were relieved. They were relieved because citizens were stressed out about the politics going on within the government and their responsibility related to the Roman community. So, when Caesar rolled in and basically took control of things, Roman citizens … [Read more...]

Dorothy Day undergoing reconstruction

By Kari Condel Sports Editor There have been a few closings of Dorothy Day Student Union and many construction workers wandering around, but why? Along with the renaming of the building, Dorothy Day will be reconfiguring its structure. This alteration will be the key to attracting both current and potential students to be more active in the campus community and the … [Read more...]

Oh, Cannibis! The legalization of marijuana in Canada

By Andrew Beers Staff Writer There are three types of cannabis: sativa, which creates an energetic high; indica, which creates a more relaxing high; and ruderalis, a lesser known form of cannabis which is generally argued to be a sub-species. This information would be useful for a botanist, but useless for pot smokers, especially in regard to the United States’ northern … [Read more...]