Speed-Friending event forges new friendships

By Noah Goldberg

Staff Writer

On the evening of Sept. 20th, the DeSales Campus Activity Board (CAB) hosted a Speed-Friending event in the Dorothy Day Student Union. The event was offered as an opportunity for DeSales students to make new friends through the quick rotation-style of meeting people usually reserved for speed-dating events. The event was organized in an attempt to help not only freshmen beginning their lives as adults but also upperclassmen with making new friends and forming strong bonds that are essential for the college experience. The friend-making part of the night involved individuals having brief conversations with strangers and then rotating through to speak to other people. Beyond the friend-making part of the night, the CAB also provided pizza and other refreshments, and giveaways to help facilitate the relationship forming process.

“[I just wanted to] meet people, see what they are interested in, and if there are any common interests,” stated junior Conor Sicchitti when asked about his decision to attend the event. “I wanted to see who else showed up, and the free food never hurts an event like this.”

Questions and conversation starters were placed on the chairs for the speed-frienders to help them get off on the right foot when meeting their potential new friends. Some of the questions were traditional for meeting a new person such as, “what was the last book you read?” Other questions were more peculiar such as, “would you rather live full time in an RV or full time on a sailboat?” The purpose of these questions harkens back to Sicchitti’s motivation to participate in the event. The questions were used to test out the compatibility between the speed-frienders in terms of interests and motivations in life.

“I want you guys to meet new people, enjoy some food, make new friends and have a good time,” said Jonadad Fequiere, Resident Hall Director of Aviat and Tocik hall, when greeting the students who turned out to the event.

As part of the Residence Life staff, Fequiere is responsible for implementing the groups mission statement. Part of the group’s mission is to “create a welcoming living environment in which student’s rights and responsibilities are protected, differences are celebrated and appreciated, [and] constructive social interaction is valued and advanced.” The speed-friending event exemplifies the type of outing that is organized to accomplish the goals of this mission statement. Connecting people and helping to forge new friendships is one way to celebrate differences and value constructive social interactions.

The night ended with both familiar faces and new people finding common ground shared through conversation, competition and pizza. Overall, the event appeared to be a success among both those in attendance and the Residence Life staff.

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