Oh, Cannibis! The legalization of marijuana in Canada

By Andrew Beers

Staff Writer

There are three types of cannabis: sativa, which creates an energetic high; indica, which creates a more relaxing high; and ruderalis, a lesser known form of cannabis which is generally argued to be a sub-species. This information would be useful for a botanist, but useless for pot smokers, especially in regard to the United States’ northern neighbors.

On Oct. 17, Canada decriminalized recreational and medical marijuana. Canada, with a population of over 37 million, had already seen 19 percent of their citizens partaking in the drug before it became legal. Canada is the largest country to legalize marijuana and the second country in the world to do so. On opening day of the historic law change, marijuana dispensaries sold out of all different types and strains of cannabis. The streets were filled with not only smoke, but freedom.

Smokers of age 18 and up will be allowed to purchase marijuana. Legalizing marijuana was the idea that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hoped to accomplish. In his campaign for prime minister, he made a promise to legalize cannabis use. The idea was to end underage smoking by controlling the black market in illegal possession and selling of cannabis products. Trudeau explained how Canada controlled 30 percent of the black market trade on the plant due to the newly passed law. As the buyers line up, dispensaries are having trouble staying instock. Although this law ends the criminalization of marijuana, it could potentially hurt Canada’s economy unless they can control the flow rate of buyers.

All the world is watching and observing as this “experiment” unfolds in Canada. There are multiple pros and cons about the legalization of marijuana, but did Canada do the right thing? This can potentially affect their economy in a rough way, yet criminal acts are beginning to drop. Marijuana is meant to be a feel-good drug and since it is a plant, it has no fatal effects on humans. It is only recent, that marijuana became a banned substance. Before the twentieth century marijuana was used for medicinal purposes to sedate patients.

Now, it has made its mark in pop culture as an illegal substance with psychedelic effects. Americans should not judge Canadians for their actions. Although we all strive for the American Dream, we should all look towards Canada for some help. Not only do citizens in Canada have great maple syrup and free healthcare, but now they have legalized recreational marijuana. Over 50 percent of adults in the United States approve the use of marijuana and the number continues to grow.

Canada is doing great for being a country under our rank as a superior country. Canada has given their citizens what they wanted, yet our states continue to hesitate on making a choice. Recently, a few conservative states have let their citizens’ vote on the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana, but it has not seen federal law yet. Canada has made the right choice in decriminalizing cannabis and the industry will continue to grow whether the United States sides with it or not.

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