From the Editor’s desk…

By Chris Shaddock


When Rome went from being a republic to a dictatorship, people were not upset; they were relieved. They were relieved because citizens were stressed out about the politics going on within the government and their responsibility related to the Roman community. So, when Caesar rolled in and basically took control of things, Roman citizens were indifferent as they were basically lifted of their duty in taking part of governing the state. No longer was it their problem if Rome declined, it was the emperor’s job to deal with.

Now I am not saying that I think we are leaning towards a dictatorship, but the apathy and ignorance of citizens towards politics makes one feel that if a dictatorship were to take place, instead of rioting with torches and pitchforks, we would all put our hands up and say, “Who cares? I’m busy!”

There are people who would kill for the rights of citizens to be involved in politics, and there are millions of people who have. America even fought a war for their people to have a say in what goes on in their country.

A dictatorship is all about control. It is having the power of a whole nation and its people at your will. The general philosophy of dictatorship is that one person is better at ruling than a group of people. Depending on who you get as a dictator, this is kind of true. Some dictators are good at leading and are benevolent, while others are Hitler and Stalin. The big issue with dictatorship is that people who support dictatorship have this presumption that the general population is idiotic and not fit to be involved in their community. This is not true. There is not one person I know who is utterly unintelligent. Instead, I just see a lot of people who choose to limit themselves because they are afraid of their own responsibilities.

If people did care about their community and nation as much as what a democracy and republic ideally demands, then I think we would have a nation with a better understanding of our problems and would come up with compromising solutions to these problems. A nation where people connect and relate to each other instead of all this division and confusion. But not many people get involved in politics as much as they should.

People will not even vote, simply because it is too much of a hassle to. Some do not vote because they actually think it is an effective form of protest against the party system. Personally, I do not expect people to write letters to their congressman or take part in activism for causes they support. None of us really have the time to be active members in our community. I do expect people to at least vote. This is especially true if you are the type of person who complains about the world and its problems. Maybe if you took part in helping your community, then the world would not be so bad. Sure, one vote does not make a difference, but when everyone has this mentality, it means that every vote matters. Individually, we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.

In short, please consider voting in the upcoming mid-terms. Also vote for who you think would be best. Not who your parents want, not who your friends want, not who your entertainers want, and not who I want. All I want is a nation that actually cares about itself. Vote for whoever you think is best because it is your freedom to do so.

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