A closer look into the life of a DeSales computer science student

By Victoria Miller

Staff Writer

At DeSales, computer science students use programs such as Adobe’s Photoshop, After Effects, Illustration and other threedimensional art programs to create applications. The most important aspect established through a computer science major is how to logically think through a problem and find a way to solve it.

There are many different fields that can be established through a computer science major. Like an IT consultant, Systems analyst or a cyber security consultant. As well as more creative careers such as game designing and graphic design.

DeSales University offers a great foundation for their students to pursue careers in computer science. Unique classes are offered for whatever aspect career their students wish to go into such as Web Page Design, Communication and Networking, as well as Digital Art Design. Through the various classes offered students can discover what career they want. DeSales also offers various internships  in the computer science field.

“I was interested in majoring in some type of art major,” said senior Heather Eisenberger on why she chose to be a computer science major. “My parents thought focusing on art through computers would be beneficial so I settled with computer science on the graphic design track.”

Many programs are offered for DeSales students the general track focuses on design, development and testing on a set of software applications with hands on experience. The Cyber Security track helps students learn the preferred methods and security systems needed in the IT world. In the Game Programming track students concentrate on visual aspects of computing along with logic of movement and design. Students don’t just get careers in the video game industry but also the healthcare and informational science fields as well.

Lastly the Digital Art program combines the science of computing with the creativity of art. Students learn techniques in graphic design, animation creation and user interface. Fine Arts courses enhance this degree, complimenting the graphic design with an artistic approach.

Computer Science majors at DeSales University learn critical thinking, communication skills and the ability to use computer science methods to solve problems. They develop advanced knowledge of current technology and theoretical concepts based on industry standards. As well as knowledge of ethical and social principles in their field. Lastly the integration of skills relevant to a profession or advanced studies. According to students they learn the most from their professors in this major. Not only with the work that is incorporated in their classes but outside of class as well. “World Building with Professor Ruggles is probably one of my favorite classes involving my major,” said Eisenberger. “We got to create our own virtual reality worlds,” said Eisenberger.

A typical DeSales computer science major leaves DeSales University with important logical thinking, technology and communication skills needed for their future careers.

“As of right now I am a graphic designer for a small company,” said Eisenberger. “I hope to continue that and hopefully be introduced to bigger companies and have more experiences.”

DeSales offers its computer science students with many unique career opportunities in their field. From a career in game design to graphic design all students will leave DeSales with the necessary skills to pursue whatever career they desire in the computer science field.

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