Math Club’s annual escape room a puzzling and fun event for students

By Nicholas Lambert

Staff Writer

The DeSales Math Club created an experience like no other in their 2018 escape room, “The Contraption.” In order to outwit Professor X and foil his plot to destroy the world, participants had one hour to solve puzzles that would reveal the deactivation code to his doomsday laser.

“I would say it went very well, save for some bugs, which are to be expected,” said Math Club President Alex Kaufman. “It was definitely the Math Club’s hardest room yet.”

According to Anthony Hessler, the Math Club secretary, “Only the first two groups, plus our test group, actually managed to escape. That said, the whole point of this escape room was to be hard.”

The escape room was one of the most difficult ones the club has put together to date; with eight puzzles and only one hour to solve them, time was of the essence.

Some of the students who participated in the escape room gave their opinions on it.

“It was really fun. It went above and beyond my expectations,” said Sophie Hochfeld, a sophomore from Moravian Academy.

Brian Fox, a sophomore from DeSales, added, “The escape room was hard at times but really rewarding when you figured out the puzzles.”

According to Kaufman, this year was more successful than last.

“I think we always do a pretty good job on the room and typically get a decent turnout,” said Kaufman. “In terms of money, we did get more from this year’s room since we did not spend a lot to make it. I believe we did get a few more teams then last year, though.”

When asked how the Math Club creates their escape rooms, Hessler explained the creative.

“Each officer comes up with one or two puzzles over the course of a few months,” stated Hessler. “Once we have all come up with our puzzles, we use club funds to purchase all the equipment necessary for the puzzles. On the day before the escape room, we set up and test the puzzles. We have one test group that goes through the escape room, and then use feedback from the test group to change around anything that needs changing. We might also choose to totally discard any puzzles that don’t work as intended if we can’t get them to work the way we envisioned. The next day, we officially host the finalized version of the escape room.”

The Math Club’s 2018 escape room was a success according to all who participated, so much so the club plans to run another escape room during the spring semester. Although the theme for next year is undetermined, Hessler said, “We’re most likely going to run the same one again just for people who couldn’t participate this semester, but there is a chance that we [might] run a new one depending on time and public demand.”

The idea of another escape room has students excited already. “If they do another escape room next year, I’ll definitely make sure I go. This year’s was pretty fun,” said Fox.

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