“Hearts on Fire” event to happen on February 14th

By Victoria Miller

Staff Writer

DeSales University’s first ever Day of Giving, “Hearts on Fire,” is a unique all-day event on Valentine’s Day for alumni, families and friends of our university to make a gift of support. On Feb. 14th you will have the opportunity to give a gift to DeSales. On that day there will be a series of challenges to help the university. Each academic department will be competing to win cash prizes from the university. New donors and alumni have the opportunity to receive prizes as well. Additional contests and promotions will be available closer to the event date.

Associate Vice President of Annual Giving from the Office of Institutional Advancement,  Lina Barbieri, further explains the day’s events. Different contests will take place at different times throughout the day.

“From midnight till 7 a.m. there will be a ‘Blast Off Contest.’ The first 100 people who register will be entered to win prizes later on,” said Barbieri. “Then there will be another set of prizes from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Lastly there will be a ‘Finish Line Promotion’ prizes for donors that give from 10 p.m. until midnight.”

These will be competitions between the divisions at DeSales: Performing Arts, Business, Healthcare, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Sciences and Mathematics will be competing for cash prizes for equipment for their classes.

“The divisions are competing for different things such as the division that has the most alumni participation, the one that raises the most money and the division that gets the university the most donors,” Barbieri added. “By splitting the awards into three parts all divisions, no matter the immense number of people in their division, every person could compete for alumni participation and for the most donors because it is measured in percentages.”

The overall goal of these competitions is to make them as fair as possible for all of the divisions. The overall involvement of the divisions is the most important aspect of this day.

Those who wish to can participate in this event everywhere, which includes giving a donation on desales.edu/HeartsonFire. The giving page on the DeSales website the day before the event will display the progress of “Hearts on Fire” through a map showing how many people contributed from each state to the university. Spreading the word is just as helpful as contributing itself even throughout friends, family, faculty and alumni. Encouraging everyone to get involved in any way they can is extremely vital for allowing this day to inspire others in the future.

Spreading the word about this Day of Giving occurring everywhere on Valentine’s Day will help increase the popularity in the future and encourage everyone to give back to our dedicated students. Showing generosity on this Day of Giving for DeSales shows the Salesian Spirituality that DeSales strives to encourage within its students and alumni. “Hearts on Fire” has the potential to be successful in establishing generosity to everyone on Valentine’s Day, the Day of Giving.

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