Feast Week honors DeSales and its students

By Raymond Horchos

Staff Writer

Feast Week is a long-standing tradition in the Salesian community. Formerly known as Heritage Week, Feast Week gained the new name this year to be in accordance with the Salesian community at Salesianum School. Feast Week occurs in the week leading up to the Feast Day of Saint Francis de Sales. For those that are unaware, a feast day is a day that is set aside in order to celebrate one saint in the Catholic Church.

This year’s Feast Week kicked off on Monday with a Martin Luther King Service workshop in the DUC and a program in Dorothy Day to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the poor. Monday was concluded with a program in Dorothy Day in which students watched Selma. On Tuesday there was Salesian Bingo where Oblate priests and brothers were calling out the winning numbers.

Wednesday was Feast Day Eve and was filled with many wonderful events. Rev. Jim Greenfield, OSFS, presented a State of the University Address in which he described important matters involving the community and his vision for 2019 and beyond. Details like more Upperclassmen Villages, a bar at the Villas, a bridge to drive under when entering campus, an expansion to Billera Hall, another science building similar to the Gambet Center, and a plaza were shared during this address. Following the address was Evening Prayer at Wills Hall Chapel with a wonderful reflection by Associate Professor Amy Scott. A reception was held in Wills afterward and many went over to Billera to see the men’s basketball game. A program named Francis and Frozen was held in Dorothy Day in which prayer and reflection was hosted through the lens of the movie Frozen. The last event of the night was the women’s basketball game.

Thursday was Feast Day and it began with a program in Dorothy Day in which you created art with your favorite Salesian quote. A Sign Language Workshop was later held, as de Sales is the patron saint of the deaf. At 3:30 p.m. all classes were cancelled, and University Mass in the DUC was hosted. Mass was followed by a reception with unique French cuisine offerings. The next event to follow was a lecture and exhibit by Salesian artist Anne Goetze on her paintings and travels to Annecy France.

The last event of the night and of Feast Week as a whole was Salesian Quizzo. Many Oblate priests and brothers attended, and teams battled it out by answering fun and unique facts about de Sales, Saint Jane de Chantel, and the Oblates who have impacted DeSales.

Feast Week is a nice way to honor the saint that we strive to model ourselves under and to come together to bond as a community. Saint Francis de Sales reminds us to “Be who you are and be that well, to give honor to the Master Craftsman whose handiwork you are.”

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