Bracelets That Clean the Ocean

By Victoria Miller

Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of 4Ocean

Our oceans are more than just calming, endless waves that help people cool off during the summer. They contain 97% of the Earth’s water, help transport goods across the world and offer many recreational activities like surfing and fishing. While most people appreciate the oceans, some don’t realize that they inhabit over 750,000 known species and over two million that have yet to be discovered. One million marine animals have died due to the extreme water pollution. There are over five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. Of that total only 269,000 pieces float on the surface while around four billion bits of plastic litter the deep sea. These startling statistics can be reversed.  Believe it or not, buying a bracelet from 4Ocean shows your support and helps fund their cleanup.

4Ocean is an organization started by Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper who have been around oceans their whole lives. They went on vacation together in Bali and came across a beach that was not quite what they imagined. It was completely covered in plastic with trash-filled waves delivering more by the minute. They asked a local why a beach so popular would be this trash ridden. The local said that the beach had been cleaned hours earlier and that all the plastic from the ocean had just washed ashore. Their eyes were opened to the magnitude of the plastic that inhabited the oceans and they vowed to help make a change. They hired boat captains and workers to clean the oceans full time. After their efforts in Bali, they gained a passionate following. With this following, they decided to create a business model to pay their workers and fund the rest of the ocean’s cleanup. That’s when the 4Ocean bracelet was created. With the 4Ocean bracelet, Alex and Andrew pledged to pull a pound of trash from the ocean for each bracelet purchased. The profits from the bracelets go towards cleanup operations, towards donations to other ocean-related non-profit organizations and to building an organizational infrastructure to support future growth. The ocean plastic crisis is massive and continues to grow every day. It will take major life changes and the hard work of various ocean organizations to help our oceans stay clean. But the 4Ocean organization will not stop until we can walk along all our beaches and see nothing but sand and clear waves.

We can help the plastic overflow by using sustainable sources and joining the cleanup movement because every piece of trash removed helps solve this overgrown issue. Most importantly, you can help the 4Ocean organization by purchasing a bracelet from their website All bracelets are made from recycled materials including five percent of the ocean’s plastic and glass.  Through this purchase, you can help clean the ocean, spread the message for change in the environment and show off a unique bracelet made from the ocean you are saving.  Together we can save our main water source as well as thousands of species through buying a bracelet that cleans the ocean.




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