From the Editor’s desk…

By Ellen Cicchiti


The start of the school year has come upon us all. And so has the start of stress and sleeping less. I am definitely feeling the effects of that more than I thought I would, probably because I am juggling so many activities and classes while trying to find time for myself. Even so, I am having fun this semester, since it is the start of my last year here at DeSales University. I want to make the most out of every moment even when I’m studying or sitting in class.

By the end of this semester, I will have finished up my Digital Art minor and be done with a majority of my classes for my English major. Despite having never taken any classes for credit in high school, I was able to get ahead due to an internship and overloading one of my semesters. I was rather surprised at this, since I thought that I would have to cram as many classes in for my major and minor, but it seems that with lucky planning, I was able to fit most of my required courses within the necessary timeframe.

Some of us are not that lucky, and I indeed sympathize with you in this time. However, it is only the first month of the semester, and there might be more chances than you realize to get ahead of your assignments. Take advantage of as many free moments as possible.

The best way to deal with these kinds of stresses is to plan as much as you can and be prepared for moments of slippage. Sometimes luck can come your way and give you extra time in the form of cancelled classes or snow days, but don’t always count on those days for help. Even sitting down for 15 minutes to start one of my many assignments has always helped me relieve bits of my anxiety. Those few minutes can go a long way.

Despite all of these concerns, I think I’m really enjoying this semester so far. I have a solid group of friends and can always see them at events, at the dorms, or at club meetings. I have two major leadership responsibilities–running this newspaper that you are holding in your hands or reading online, and the other one being the President of the Creative Writing Honor Society. Both are a lot of work, but they are also quite a bit of fun, especially since they involve my favorite activity: writing! I love seeing new passionate faces in both of these major organizations. It makes me feel pumped about writing for the paper or writing for my peers to critique my work, and I hope my enthusiasm carries over to these new faces, as well.

I won’t lie, I miss how in my freshman year my classes were rather simple, I would love to get all that time back and to have been more productive. But there’s not much I can do now except deal with the increasing difficulties of each semester. All of our school years are going to be tough and tiring, but I think with a little extra elbow grease and a fairly positive attitude, we can get through it.


Take care, DeSales,

Ellen Cicchitti

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