DeSales Athletics Look to Open New Year Strong

By Matthew Savino Staff Writer On August 30, DeSales athletics kicked off their respective seasons on a high note, all notching opening day wins. Both the men's and women’s soccer teams picked up right where they left off last year with the men defeating Goucher College by a score of 2-1 on the road and the women dominating Alvernia University 5-1 at home. Freshman … [Read more...]

Noah’s Declassified DeSales Survival Guide

By Noah Goldberg Editorials Editor  The start of another school year at DeSales University brings with it many new beginnings: the start of a new sports season, a fresh chance to make friends and an opportunity to grow in your career development and on-campus activities.  Of course, if you are a freshman, then most of these ideas are completely new to you and you are … [Read more...]

It’s a Home Run for the Tenth Annual CareerFEST

By Genevieve O’Connor Online and Layout Editor  Crowds of people are chanting the “BAH bah bahhs” of “Sweet Caroline.” An ice cream bus is parked outside a bustling white tent, and dozens of students are already donning their new baseball t-shirts. The air smells of Chik-fil-a and opportunity. All signs point to a party… or the tenth annual CareerFEST. On August … [Read more...]

Bracelets That Clean the Ocean

By Victoria Miller Staff Writer Our oceans are more than just calming, endless waves that help people cool off during the summer. They contain 97% of the Earth’s water, help transport goods across the world and offer many recreational activities like surfing and fishing. While most people appreciate the oceans, some don’t realize that they inhabit over 750,000 known … [Read more...]

Men’s and women’s basketball face off against Misericordia in this year’s pink game

By Andrew Beers Sports Editor On Feb. 9, the DeSales basketball teams hosted their seasonal Pink Game in hopes to raise money for cancer awareness. A video was uploaded to the DeSales athletic page online to explain the event and what it aims to do. The athletes in the video explained who they were raising funds for while portraying a simple poster that had the name or … [Read more...]