From the Editor’s Desk: The Edgier Minstrel

By Kellie Dietrich Editor-in-Chief “If it bleeds, it leads” is the popular quote in journalism. That’s why murder, assault, crime and disasters are always front-page, top story articles. And as you all know, these things don’t happen at DeSales. Last year, it was buzz when a student’s bike was stolen…and then rightfully returned to its owner. Not a whole lot of hard-hitting … [Read more...]

Fresh Faces Means Fresh Ideas for SGA

By Will Edwards Managing & Online Editor Supported by reallocated funds from the dissolution of the semi-formal dance, as well as what he described as an increased level of enthusiasm in the Student Government Association (SGA), student body Executive President John Blaisse says plans are in place for new installments on campus like a “bike share” program, a … [Read more...]

Starting With Love

Last year their program didn’t exist. Now the men’s and women’s tennis teams will play their first seasons since 2010. By Will Edwards Managing & Online Editor While senior TV/film major Lindsay Driscoll was busy playing in her first high school tennis season at Nazareth Academy in 2009, the DeSales University men’s and women’s tennis teams were playing … [Read more...]

Student Opinions on Parking Changes

By Christopher Shaddock Sports Editor DeSales announced that resident students are now prohibited from parking in either Billera or McShea 7 a.m.-5 p.m. on Mon-Fri. Commuters are still able to park there, as well as the lots they have always been able to park in prior to this year. While no resident may park in the main Billera parking lot, student-athletes may park in … [Read more...]

For O’Connor, a Final Turn at the Helm

By Will Edwards Managing and Online Editor He’s Bernie O’Connor and he’ll be replaced. The horses are already running and gunning and hoping to be the first one sucked into the hose of the vacuum he’s creating. Who’s next? A fine horse indeed, no matter the choice. One who will run this university with gusto and great care. One who will grow our institution through the next … [Read more...]