“The Magnificent Seven” Isn’t Magnificent, But Still Pretty Good

Many critics are divided on “Magnificent Seven.” Photo
courtesy of Facebook/TheMagnificentSeven.

By CJ Bamert Staff Writer The recent summer movie season is not one that will be remembered fondly. It was filled with lazy sequels, mediocre remakes and worst of all, big disappointments (I’m looking at you Suicide Squad!). But as we go into the fall movie season, sometimes the right movie comes out at the right time, and this time, that movie is “The Magnificent … [Read more...]

“Sully” Makes Good Impression, But Not a Lasting One

Sully premiered in theaters on Sept. 2. Photo courtesy of sully-movie.com.

By Allison McClausland Staff Writer With September being a solemn month that evokes the tragedy and heroism of everyday citizens since 9/11, it seems fitting that a story embodying those elements is lined up for screening. However, do not let the date fool you, this story is one that is even more recent. Director Clint Eastwood continues telling heroic yet personally … [Read more...]

Must-see Fall Movies


By CJ Bamert Staff Writer Fall is finally upon us: chilly nights, pumpkin spice everything and buckling back down into classes. Fall also brings a new crop of releases into movie theaters. These films aren’t always as big and explosive as the ones from the summertime; but fall can be filled with some of the best movie releases, possible Oscar contenders and several … [Read more...]

“War Dogs” Lacks Character, Plot Development

“War Dogs” was released 19 August, 2016. Photo courtesy of

By Alexander Lingle Layout Editor David Packouz slept like a baby after a long day at the office. Of course, his office was a warehouse in Albania full of Cold War era weaponry that he and his partner, Efraim Diveroli, were selling to the U.S. military in a multimillion dollar deal. Technically, the business they were conducting was less than legal. The weapons he and his … [Read more...]