Roxane Gay pleases readers with “Difficult Women”

By Kimmie Semiday A&E Editor On Jan. 3, “Bad Feminist” author Roxane Gay graced book shelves and readers across the nation with a fiction collection of short stories that centered around one theme: “Difficult Women.” Like most of Gay’s writing, she is brutally honest about the drawbacks and limitations of being a woman in a patriarchal society, and she doesn’t shy … [Read more...]

Ed Sheeran brings in 2017 with recordbreaking music

By Kimmie Semiday A&E Editor After a year hiatus, singer songwriter Ed Sheeran returns with third album “Divide.” The 25-year-old took a break from social media last December in order to travel the world and see everything that he has missed after five years touring for his sophomore album “Multiply.” While it was originally unclear as to whether Sheeran would … [Read more...]

“Split” is problematic, but worth it

By CJ Bamert Staff Writer The tale of M. Knight Shyamalan is a sad one. After making exciting films with twists like “The Sixth Sense” and “Unbreakable,” he gained a lot of clout and was called “The Next Steven Spielberg,” on an infamous cover of Newsweek. That didn’t last long, as he made flop after flop and lost a lot of credibility in Hollywood with films like “The … [Read more...]

“Doctor Strange” Lives Up to Marvel Films, Displays Jaw-Dropping Visuals

By CJ Bamert Staff Writer Recently, it has become apparent that Marvel is incapable of making a bad movie. Every one of their films in some way has great entertainment value, even when they aren’t top tier (looking at you “Thor: The Dark World”). Fourteen films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven that they have a plan and know how to keep people excited with new … [Read more...]

“Boo! A Madea Halloween” is the best movie for the worst reasons

By CJ Bamert Staff Writer Sometimes, you go into a movie and you have an idea of what’s going to happen. Sometimes, your expectations are met, other times they are sadly not, and every once in a while, the movie goes over your expectations and is the better than you expected. What if I told you there is a movie that manages to simultaneously meet the criteria of all three … [Read more...]