The protests outside my window: Election Day in NYC

By Lindsay Wigo Staff Writer Nov. 8, 2016. Some say it was one of the best days of their lives, and some wish it never happened. This was the day that our newly-inaugurated president, Donald Trump, won the 2016 presidential election. Most people spent this day as they normally would, probably working, maybe at home or just doing normal day-to-day things. I, on the other … [Read more...]

Absence makes the heart grow fonder: Maintaining a long-distance relationship in college

By Jaci Wendel News Editor For the past four Valentine’s Day weekends, I’ve driven five and-a-half hours to the other side of the state in order to visit my boyfriend, who goes to Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. Tolls and gas are expensive, the other drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike are annoying and often the winter weather makes it hard to make the journey. … [Read more...]

From the Editor’s Desk…

By Kellie Dietrich Editor-in-Chief At this point in the semester, you’re either one of three things: about to be sick, sick or just got over it. Unfortunately, I currently fall under the “sick” category. When I’m sick I do two things. First, I Google my symptoms and find out from WebMD that I have cancer. Then I panic and text my sister, who is an RN, and find out that … [Read more...]

Inspiring day at the Women’s March

By CJ Bamert Staff Writer Over the weekend of Jan. 20-22, a big change happened in our country: a new president was sworn into office, a president that for many has been incredibly controversial, one who many don’t believe has the interest of all Americans in mind. This is not going to be an article taking down our current president—there are plenty of people doing … [Read more...]

Dakota Access Pipeline Discredits Tribal Sovereignty of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

By Kellie Dietrich Editor-in-Chief Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline—a $3.8 billion oil pipeline running 1,172 miles through North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois and Iowa—have been gaining traction since the summer and becoming more intense. On Oct. 27, hundreds of activists occupied land along the pipeline’s proposed route. They argued that it belongs to the … [Read more...]